UMT Scholarship Program for US Public High School Seniors and Graduates

Scholarship Type

Academic Scholarship

Sponsored By

University of Management and Technology


The University of Management & Technology (UMT) is sponsoring a number of full, 60-credit, on-line associate degree program scholarships for U.S. public high school juniors, seniors or those who have graduated from U.S. public secondary schools within the past two years.

Application and Notification

Potential candidates should apply for the scholarship before applying for admission to UMT. If selected for a PMI Educational Foundation scholarship, the candidate will be notified by PMIEF. He/she will then be contacted by a UMT admissions office representative who will facilitate an application to the desired degree program.

To ensure UMT degree program eligibility, applicants are urged to review the UMT admission requirements before applying for a PMIEF scholarship. Application Deadline is May 1st.

To apply for this scholarship, complete the  UMT Scholarship Program for US Public High School Seniors and Graduates Application.  When you complete this application you will be considered for all academic scholarships for which you meet the criteria as separate applications are not required for individual scholarships.  The application opens on January 1 and closes on May 1. Notification of application status will be made to the email address you provide in your scholarship application.

To review the guidelines for Academic Scholarships, please visit the Scholarship Guidelines.

Scholarship Description and Award Criteria

A full, 60-credit, on-line, associate degree program scholarship for U.S. public high school juniors, seniors or those who have graduated from U.S. public secondary schools within the past two years:

  • $23,400 is the monetized value of each completed associate degree program scholarship award.
  • Scholarship award preference to be given to public high school seniors, juniors or recent graduates who have completed coursework in a Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program.
  • In advance, student applicants must have completed three (03) college credits from an accredited college or university.
  • These credits must be applicable to post-secondary school study in one of the UMT associate degree programs selected from those listed below.
  • Public high school juniors, seniors or recent graduates (within the past two years) must apply only to one of the following associate degree programs:
  • Additional requirement:  A letter of reference from a secondary school educator confirming the applicant’s abilities as a self-directed and independent learner who is most likely to successfully complete an associate degree program.
  • All scholarship recipients must meet the general UMT undergraduate admission requirements.

University of Management & Technology General Eligibility Requirements

Recipients are required to:

  • Apply as a full-time student (12 credits per semester) and plan to earn the degree within the UMT specified program time limit.
  • Meet all current academic admission requirements for the relevant UMT associate degree academic program as published on the UMT Website.
  • Adhere to program guidelines as outlined in the undergraduate catalog, including maintaining the minimum GPA required for graduation.
  • Recipients must continuously enroll prior to completion of the degree as failure to enroll in courses for two (2) consecutive semesters will result in the cancellation of the scholarship award.

Exclusion of Associated Expenses

All other expenses incurred by PMIEF/UMT Scholarship Recipients participating in a UMT Academic Program are the responsibility of the student(s). These exclusions refer to expenses such as: books/materials; computer and other online participation technology; costs related to logging into, and participating in, online coursework; travel and lodging related to any reason for the student(s) to be physically on the UMT Campus; and, any other related items.

Congratulations to the most recent recipient of this scholarship


Timothy Bolen