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Professional Development Scholarship

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Project Management Academy


Project Management Academy is sponsoring self-paced, online training for educational administrators, teachers, students, nonprofit/non-government organization staff, and emerging project management practitioners worldwide. The trainings are available to help educators and nonprofit/NGO staff support children and youth build 21st century skills through the implementation of project-based learning experiences. In addition, for nonprofits/NGOs, the training provides project management skills development that aid the organization in the delivery of services and fulfillment of mission. To review the guidelines for Professional Development and Training Scholarships, please visit the Scholarship Guidelines.


The following courses are offered to educational administrators, teachers, students, nonprofit/nongovernmental organization (NGO) staff, and emerging project management practitioners worldwide. These professional development opportunities are designed to provide participants with project management resources and tools needed to implement a project-based culture within the classroom or workplace.

Although courses are offered to applicants worldwide, all training is provided in English.

Course Overview 

Scholarship Opportunity #1: MS Project 2016 Training Course Scholarship (when released)
Master the most widely-used project management software in the industry: Microsoft Project 2016. This course for all levels shows you how to use Microsoft Project 2016 to design and create new project schedules; work with tasks, resources, and project information; and customize project views, tables and filters. To get the most benefit from this course, it is recommended, though not required, that you have a copy of the MS Project software. (Market Value of course: US$595.00)

Scholarship Opportunity #2: Agile Fundamentals Course Scholarship
Many companies are adopting agile methodologies to increase team performance and improve customer satisfaction. This course is designed to teach participants the principles and practices of Agile, including Scrum, XP and Lean. (Market value of course: US$695.00)

Scholarship Opportunity #3: Scrum Master Training Course Scholarship
Scrum Master training is all about being able to effectively manage creative teams, including software and app development. Additionally, this course will establish how to improve productivity and achieve higher overall project success rates. (Market value of course: US$995.00)

Course Format

All courses are delivered in an online, self-paced, on-demand format

Application and Notification

To apply for this scholarship, complete the Professional Development and Training Scholarship Application.When you complete this application you will be considered for all professional development and training scholarships associated with the application. There are not separate applications for individual scholarships. Notification of application status will be made to the email address you provide in your scholarship application.

To review the guidelines for Professional Development and Training Scholarships, please visit the Scholarship Guidelines.


  • In order to be considered eligible for a scholarship, all applicants must complete the PMIEF application process and adhere to its requirements. These scholarships are available to teachers, students, nonprofit staff, and emerging project management practitioners throughout the globe.
  • Scholarship recipients must have access to a computer.
  • No other educational resources are provided.
  • Scholarship awards DO NOT include any credential exam fees.