PMIEF John Patton Professional Development Scholarship

Scholarship Type

Professional Development Scholarship

Sponsored By

PMIEF Board of Directors and Friends


The PMIEF Board of Directors has funded an endowment for a professional development scholarship to be named in memory of a past or current PMIEF Board Member who has recently passed away. This scholarship assists individuals in funding continuing education coursework to be used for professional development related to project, program, and portfolio management or project management in general. Up to US $1,000 will be awarded in whole or in part to one or more individuals.

Currently, the scholarship is named The PMIEF John Patton Professional Development Scholarship. 

Application and Notification

For more information on scholarship applications and notifications, please review the Scholarship Guidelines.


In order to be considered eligible for a scholarship, all applicants must complete the application process and adhere to its requirements. Scholarships may be awarded in whole or in part to one or more individuals during the annual scholarship cycle and will be awarded based on the following order of priority:

  1. Any individual who is working within a nonprofit organization which serves youth and is applying for a professional development course to help them to obtain or maintain project management-related knowledge.  
  2.  Any individual applying for a professional development course that will help them to obtain or maintain any project management-related knowledge.


John Patton headshot


John R. Patton (Sept. 15, 1944 – Oct. 4, 2018)

John Patton’s 74 years “in residence” on planet Earth has left behind a better world for his having been here. His life and continuing legacy have positively impacted the PMI and PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) communities, as well as the many lives that have been improved by his project management outreach.

In 1983, Mr. Patton founded Cadence Management Corporation, a project management training and consulting firm working with organizations across 47 countries. Though he served as president and CEO until 2016 and as Chairman of the Board until his 2018 retirement, Mr. Patton carved out precious time for himself and his staff to undertake volunteer training activities for PMIEF. In fact, from 2008 to 2018, he and his Cadence team provided more than US$500,000 of pro bono training to teachers and nonprofit organizations on behalf of PMIEF.

Mr. Patton directly gave some of the training, and was especially gratified when helping nonprofits working in disaster management and humanitarian aid. He commented on how much they needed the training he was able to provide, and took pride in watching trainees come to the realization that project management principles could help them do their work more effectively. Mr. Patton’s willingness to share knowledge and opportunity has become part of his legacy. Following Mr. Patton’s retirement, Cadence has continued its PMIEF collaboration under new company leadership.

Always eager to go the extra mile, Mr. Patton did not limit his support to volunteer hours. He also became a PMIEF Leadership Society donor for many years, giving not only his time but his treasure. Additionally, he served on the PMIEF board for more than three years and was the chair of the board for one year.
Earlier in his life, Mr. Patton received a BA degree in romance languages from the University of Oregon. While on a college-era mission trip to work in an underserved Colombian orphanage, he met Esneda Correa who would later become his wife of 52 years. After college, the newlyweds moved to Barcelona, Spain where Mr. Patton earned a degree in Hispanic studies, followed by an MBA from Portland State University upon their return to the United States.

Mr. Patton will be sorely missed by the entire PMI community which remains in his debt for his generosity of expertise, time, and spirit. His was a life well-lived.