Bishop Kloch Memorial Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Type

Academic Scholarship

Sponsored By

PMI Baltimore Chapter


The Bishop Kloch Memorial Scholarship Fund is an academic scholarship valued at up to US$2500 and is sponsored by the PMI Baltimore Chapter. It is open to PMI Baltimore Chapter members and their immediate family members. This scholarship is awarded once annually.

Application and Notification

For more information on scholarship applications and notifications, please review the Scholarship Guidelines.


This scholarship is open to all students who are pursuing a graduate or undergraduate degree in Project Management and are a member of the PMI Baltimore Chapter or a child or grandchild of a PMI Baltimore Chapter member.


About Robert Bishop and Joyce Kloch


The Epitome of Dedication to the Field of Project Management

Bob Bishop headshot

Bob Bishop

Never complaining and tirelessly working on into late night hours
The recipient of a full scholarship
...He always swore he'd pay it back.
Unrealized dream...
Hired by the University of Maryland in 2002 to teach Project Management

Bob Bishop
PMP 1996
1941 - 2002

Joyce Kloch headshot

Joyce Kloch

Always positive, Always optimistic, Always willing to go the extra mile...
Determined to be open for new opportunities...
Even in the face of daunting challenges
Her desire..."Hope to get good at this project management stuff real soon..."

Congratulations to the most recent recipient of this scholarship

Sarah Patrick headshot

Sarah Patrick