How to Apply


  • PMIEF Professional Development scholarships contain specific criteria regarding project management, geographic location of residency and internet access for course and course materials. The criteria for each scholarship can be found on the individual scholarship page.
  • Each professional development application is associated with more than one scholarship.
  • Applicants who have submitted a completed application by the published deadline will be evaluated for all eligible scholarships associated in the application.
  • Applications and supporting materials must be submitted and completed in the format specified in the PMIEF Guidelines by the published deadline.

Application Checklist

  • Applicant Information

    Contact details, PMI Chapter affiliation (if applicable)
  • Professional Information

    Details of professional field
  • Professional Development

    Title of Course and Course details
  • Essay

    Explain the professional development benefits of the course selected in the application.

How to Apply

  1. Create an account on, or log in.
  2. Access the scholarship application portal via the link in the sidebar.
  3. Complete your application. If you need to return to an in-progress application at a later date, you can revisit the application portal. Once you are logged in at, you'll see a "Return to application portal" link in the site main menu, as well as on this page.
  4. Submit your completed application. Notification to awardees will be sent via email to each applicant within three months after the deadline. Candidates who have not received the award will also be notified via email. Upon award, the scholarship funds will be given directly to the student.