How to Apply


  • Individual project managers who emulate the professional dedication and excellence of Harold Kerzner, PhD, MS, MBA.
  • You may nominate yourself or someone else
  • The application opens 1 January.  Deadline is 15 May.

Application Checklist

  • Nominee/Applicant Information

    Basic information, contact details, etc.

  • Essays

    • From a project management perspective, what do you believe is the most significant contribution you or your nominee made to the organization as a result of the project or projects?
    • How have you or your nominee demonstrated interest in continuing education and personal development of project management skills and techniques?
    • How would you describe you or your nominee’s project management and team leadership philosophies? Provide specific examples of these skills and how they were used to motivate project teams. How do you, or your nominee, demonstrate an awareness of trends in the project management profession?
    • How do you or your nominee contribute to the continued development of tools, techniques, and best practices to enhance the profession across various industries?
    • Considering today’s complex demands on one’s professional and personal lives, what are some of the creative ideas/tools that you or your nominee use to maintain a balanced life approach?
    • Project Managers often become mentors for people entering the project management field. Describe you, or your nominee’s mentoring capabilities and effectiveness as a coach and mentor.
    • Integrity is a key characteristic of an effective manager. How do you, or your nominee demonstrate personal integrity and promote integrity within the organization?
    • The demands of the project manager position require the ability to be creative and to inspire innovation within the project team. Describe how you, or your nominee, encourage innovative thinking and creativity?
  • Project Experience

    Please review the following questions and provide the requested information regarding the project or projects in which you, or your nominee, were recently involved:

    • What were the number of core and extended team members involved in the project?
    • What was the overall budget of the project?
    • What was the number of other projects being managed simultaneously?
    • What was the total value (combined budgets) of your or your nominee’s Project Portfolio at the time?
    • What quantifiable business results were achieved from implementation of your or your nominee’s project or projects?
    • Please address the following specifics:
      • Percentage that the project was completed under project budget
      • Number of weeks that the project was completed ahead of schedule
      • Amount that organizational operating costs were reduced or revenue increased
      • Amount productivity was increased
      • Amount of defects that were reduced
  • Letters of recommendation

    Two letters of recommendation must be provided by non-relatives who can attest to the applicant’s skills, qualifications and project management proficiency.

How to Apply

  • Create an account on, or log in.
  • Access the awards application portal via the link in the sidebar.
  • Complete your application. If you need to return to an in-progress application at a later date, you can revisit the application portal. Once you are logged in at, you’ll see a "Return to application portal" link in the site main menu, as well as on this page.
  • Submit your completed application. The recipient(s) will be notified approximately six weeks after the application period closes.

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