Application for UMT Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Scholarships

The UMT University Doctoral Scholarship: a full-time scholarship, on-line degree program, valued at up to US$23,400, and requiring participation in an annual doctoral colloquium.  The application deadline for the UMT University Doctoral Scholarship application is 1 May and the scholarship is awarded biennially.

The UMT University Masters Scholarship: a full scholarship leading to the Master’s Degree, an on-line degree program, valued at up to US $17,550.  The full tuition Master’s Degree scholarship is awarded annually and its application deadline is 1 May.

The UMT University Dean’s Scholarship: a partial scholarship—35% of full tuition—in an undergraduate or graduate on-line degree program valued at US$16,800 and US$6,300 respectively. 

The UMT Dean’s Scholarships are awarded on a quarterly basis and its application deadlines are 15 February, 1 May and 1 September.

To see amounts and eligibility details of individual scholarships which use this application, view the scholarship directory.