How to Apply


  • Apply as a full-time student (12 credits per semester) and plan to earn the degree within the UMT specified program time limit.
  • Student applicants must have completed three (03) college credits from an accredited college or university.
  • These credits must be applicable to post-secondary school study in one of the UMT associate degree programs selected from those listed below.
  • Student applicants must meet the relevant UMT associate degree academic program requirements as published on the UMT Website.
  • Student applicants must supply a letter of reference from a secondary school educator confirming the applicant’s abilities as a self-directed and independent learner who is most likely to successfully complete an associate degree program is also required.
  • All scholarship recipients must meet the general UMT undergraduate admission requirements.
  • Student applicants must agree to adhere to program guidelines as outlined in the undergraduate catalog, including maintaining the minimum GPA required for graduation.
  • Recipients must continuously enroll prior to completion of the degree as failure to enroll in courses for two (2) consecutive semesters will result in the cancellation of the scholarship award.

To see individual scholarship values and criteria, view the scholarship directory.


Application Checklist

  • Applicant information

    Contact details, PMI chapter affiliation (if applicable)
  • Education information

    University information, enrollment status, degree sought, etc.
  • Essay

    Explain how project management is a universal skill in all industries (500 word limit)
  • Resume/CV

    Required in .doc or .pdf file format
  • Academic transcript

    Required in .doc or.pdf file format
  • References

    Two completed reference forms are required as part of your application. Each individual you submit as a reference will receive an email stating your request for them to complete a reference form in support of your application for a PMIEF academic scholarship. The email will contain a direct link to an online reference form. Reference forms must be completed by application deadline.
  • Requirements to Application

    Meet the requirements for the University of Management & Technology Graduate Program Application for UMT Associate Scholarships

How to Apply

  1. Create an account on, or log in.
  2. Access the scholarship application portal via the link in the sidebar.
  3. Complete your application. If you need to return to an in-progress application at a later date, you can revisit the application portal. Once you are logged in at, you'll see a "Return to application portal" link in the site main menu, as well as on this page.
  4. Submit your completed application. Notification to awardees will be sent via email to each applicant within three months after the deadline. Candidates who have not received the award will also be notified via email. Upon award, the scholarship funds will be given directly to the student.