PM Ready Workforce Grantmaking

PMIEF awards grants for innovative initiatives that deliver project management training to ensure a PM Ready Workforce.


PMIEF awards grants to nonprofit organizations whose innovative initiatives deliver project management training to help meet workforce demands in a globally competitive society.


The foundation particularly invests in initiatives that enable unemployed and underemployed populations to acquire the skills necessary to ensure job placement and to help move them toward self-sufficiency. This grantmaking strategy allows PMIEF to play a pivotal role in closing skill gaps across an array of industries even as the foundation showcases the indisputable value project management adds to organizational success.


2018 PM Ready Workforce Grantees

Pratham Education Fund

Women's Livelihood Enhancement and Advancement Using Project Management

US $100,000

To build the project management capabilities of unemployed and underemployed women in India ages 18 to 30 through an intensive training program to better enable their workforce readiness and job retention, thereby creating a pathway out of poverty and helping them move toward self-sufficiency.


2017 PM Ready Workforce Grantees


For Grant Seekers


Nonprofit organizations with either 501(c)(3) status or the international equivalent thereof may apply for a PM Ready Workforce grant. Refer to our Grant Guidelines for more information. 

If you are interested in a grant, please review the How to Apply and Funding Requirements and Decisions pages for eligibility and application requirements.