Project Learning Network

The Project Learning Network (PLN) is a coalition convened by PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) of like-minded, educational organizations whose goal is to positively impact primary and secondary education by advocating for 21st-century skills, project based learning, leadership and project management expertise. 

Collectively, the group plans to develop strategies and programs that will enable many more students to develop the essential leadership and project management skills that will help them become successful lifelong learners, productive members of the 21st-century workforce, and responsible and engaged citizens in their communities.

The ongoing global professional network acts as a forum for international educational nonprofit organizations that provide opportunities for Project Management education.  The PLN, a group of 40 partner organizations, meets on an annual basis and has a global collective reach of over 35 million youth.

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For more information about the Project Learning Network, contact Sylvia Rivera, Program Administrator, PMI Educational Foundation:
+1-610-356-4600, ext. 1192


Annual Conference Attendees

  • Advance CTE
  • American Institutes for Research
  • Asia Society
  • Association for Career and Technical Education
  • Bernie Trilling, 21st Century Learning Advisor
  • Buck Institute for Education
  • Cable Impacts Foundation
  • California Department of Education
  • Center for Digital Inclusion
  • Chicago Public School District
  • ConnectEd: The California Center for College and Career
  • Council of Chief State School Officers
  • DECA Inc.
  • Destination Imagination, Inc.
  • Digital Promise
  • DiscoverE
  • Education Commission of the States
  • First
  • Future Problem Solving Program International
  • George Lucas Foundation
  • Girls Thinking Global
  • Global SchoolNet
  • Henry Ford Learning Academy
  • International Baccalaureate
  • Jobs for the Future
  • John Wilson, Former NEA Executive Director
  • Junior Achievement Ireland
  • Junior Achievement USA
  • Krause Center for Education
  • MBA Research and Curriculum Center
  • MHA Labs
  • NapaLearns
  • National Academy Foundation
  • New Teacher Center
  • New Tech Network
  • New York City Department of Education
  • New York Hall of Science
  • North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
  • Partnership for 21st Century Learning
  • Pitsco Education
  • Pratham Institute
  • Project Lead the Way
  • Qatar Foundation
  • SCOPE Stanford
  • Southern Regional Board of Education
  • Teaching Channel
  • WestEd