PM Knowledgeable Youth Grantmaking

PMIEF awards grants for innovative initiatives that prepare PM Knowledgeable Youth for 21st century success.


PMIEF awards grants to nonprofit organizations that strengthen teaching and learning globally through initiatives that integrate project management into secondary school curricula.

These initiatives enhance teachers’ instructional abilities and students’ outcomes by helping them acquire and apply project management knowledge to both classroom-based and related extracurricular education, especially that which is project-based. This grantmaking strategy allows PMIEF to support both young people’s immediate and long-term success as well as teachers’ professional development.


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2017 PM Knowledgeable Youth Grantees


Designing a Response to Teachers’ Project-Management Needs

US $41,769

To undertake the planning phase of an initiative that will leverage 100Kin10’s network impact model to identify the project management needs of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (“STEM”) teachers and teacher-serving organizations to determine how best its network can together ideate, co-invest in, and innovate effective ways to support them to acquire and to apply that knowledge.


Asia Society

Bridging the STEM Skills Gap through Globally Competent CTE and Project Management

US $400,000

To build on the success of the PMIEF-funded “Global Competence through Career and Technical Education” initiative by 1) piloting it with Asia Pacific career and technical education (CTE) teachers to ascertain its usability with global audiences and 2) creating and piloting a new video course and an accompanying toolkit for U.S. secondary school CTE teachers of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)-related pathways to help bridge the pervasive STEM skills gap.

Fondazione Enrica Amiotti

Jun€co: Education and Project Management for Sustainability

US $50,000

To support Jun€co, a new financial literacy program that will reach primary school students and schoolteachers in Italy by delivering instruction in economics and project management so students can design and implement thoughtful service projects that benefit their local community.

Junior Achievement Brazil

JA Brazil Project Management Skills for Life

US $30,000

To deliver project management training to secondary school students in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil and Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil so they can apply their knowledge either to ideate, to design, and to execute a project of their choice or to facilitate Junior Achievement Brazil programming for primary school students.

Junior Achievement of Chicago

PMIEF – JA of Chicago Initiative for Youth and Capacity Building

US $30,000

To 1) deliver project management training and career presentations to secondary school students so they can facilitate JA of Chicago programming for primary school students through the organization’s “High School Heroes” program and 2) deliver project management training to JA of Chicago operations managers to build their capacity to facilitate volunteer training and volunteer-led events.

Junior Achievement Ireland

PMIEF – JA Ireland Project Management Skills for Life for Students and Teachers

US $147,960

To deliver project management fundamentals training to secondary school students and teachers as well as to provide teachers a project-based learning-oriented study abroad experience to prepare them to integrate project management into their curricula.

Partners for Education at Berea College

The PMIEF – PFE Promising Appalachian Leaders In Service Initiative

US $147,792

To design, to implement, and to pilot project management-rich leadership development curricula with secondary school students (and AmeriCorps members) in Appalachia, USA in three states – Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia – so they recognize the importance of community service, make a meaningful difference in their community through thoughtful projects, and identify the intrinsic connection between leadership skills and effective project management.

World Federation of United Nations Associations

Mission Possible: Empowering Global Citizens: Phase 2

US $271,835

To expand Mission Possible (which PMIEF funded the creation of through a 2014 grant) nationally in India and to launch it in Singapore to empower youth to become global change agents by educating and training them on United Nations perspectives, Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”), and global 21st century and project management skills so they ideate and implement SDG-inspired projects that effect positive change in their local community.


For grant seekers


Nonprofit organizations with either 501(c)(3) status or the international equivalent thereof may apply for a PM Ready Workforce grant. Refer to our Grant Guidelines for more information. 

If you are interested in a grant, please review the How to Apply and Funding Requirements and Decisions pages for eligibility and application requirements.