PM Knowledgeable Youth Grantmaking

PMIEF awards grants for innovative initiatives that prepare PM Knowledgeable Youth for 21st century success.


PMIEF awards grants to nonprofit organizations that strengthen teaching and learning globally through initiatives that integrate project management into secondary school curricula.

These initiatives enhance teachers’ instructional abilities and students’ outcomes by helping them acquire and apply project management knowledge to both classroom-based and related extracurricular education, especially that which is project-based. This grantmaking strategy allows PMIEF to support both young people’s immediate and long-term success as well as teachers’ professional development.


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2018 PM Knowledgeable Youth Grantees

100Kin10/National Center for Civic Innovation

Responding to Teachers' PM Needs through 100Kin10's Networked Approach

US $230,000

To build on the success and to address the findings of 100Kin10’s PMIEF planning grant for “Designing a Response to Teachers’ Project Management Needs” by 1) refining, designing, and concretizing the organization’s collaborative problem-solving tools and 2) building its network partners’ interest in, and deepening their understanding of, project management so they leverage the tools to design and to test one or more shared solutions to address science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) teachers’ project management needs, thereby raising awareness for how project management strengthens instructional practices.

Junior Achievement Ireland

PMIEF – JA Ireland Teacher PM & PBL Training Initiative

US $138,165

To build on the success of the “PMIEF – JA Ireland Project Management Skills for Life for Students and Teachers” initiative by delivering project management and project-based learning training and mentoring to more secondary school teachers nationwide to enhance their pedagogy and to better ensure their ability to lead high-quality instruction for students.

Junior Achievement USA

Enriching JA My Way™ with Project Management

US $200,000

To build on the success of the PMIEF-funded “JA Online Project Management Module on Demand” by 1) designing and administering a survey to ascertain young people’s understanding of, and interest in deepening, project management knowledge and 2) leveraging survey findings to create an instructional project management web application within JA My Way™ that showcases the Module on Demand to help youth identify connections between project management and their goal attainment.


For grant seekers


Nonprofit organizations with either 501(c)(3) status or the international equivalent thereof may apply for a PM Ready Workforce grant. Refer to our Grant Guidelines for more information. 

If you are interested in a grant, please review the How to Apply and Funding Requirements and Decisions pages for eligibility and application requirements.