Digital Teacher Badging

PMIEF now offers six digital badge/micro-credentials for teachers who are using project management in the classroom.

The PMIEF teacher badge/micro-credentials allow teachers to provide easily verifiable evidence of their knowledge and experience in the integration of project management into classroom instruction for enhanced student learning and outcomes, backed by PMIEF.

Six teacher badge/micro-credentials are available

  • Initiating a Learning Project
  • Planning a Learning Project
  • Executing a Learning Project
  • Monitoring and Controlling a Learning Project
  • Closing a Learning Project
  • Managing the Learning Project Cycle

Each badge/micro-credential application requires a few short answer questions, artifacts documenting student project management learning, and reflections from both students and teacher.  Several states have agreements in place to accept teacher badge/micro-credentials for CEUs.
For more information about getting started with PMIEF teacher digital badge/micro-credentials, review the Teacher Badging Toolkit, at the right.


Benefits of Teacher Badging

Project management is a skill set that is valuable to students across disciplines. It is both a learning skill that helps students learn to better manage classroom projects and a career skill that is highly sought after by employers. Because of this, a growing number of schools are committing to incorporating project management into classroom instruction and student learning.  

Teacher micro-credentials allow teachers to provide verifiable evidence of their proficiency in using project management in the classroom, backed by PMIEF. Micro-credentials demonstrate proficiency rather than relying on pursuing a set number of classroom hours, so they focus on documenting the work teachers are already doing to provide learning experiences for their students and can be earned at the teacher’s own pace.   

Digital Teacher Badging Toolkit
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The Digital Teacher Badging Toolkit provides information for teachers who are interested in pursuing PMIEF Teacher Digital Badges/Micro-Credentials

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