PM Knowledgeable Youth

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PMIEF seeks to change the way children learn, live and plan for the future through knowledge and application of project management.

PM Knowledgeable Youth is PMIEF’s fastest growing program area and is largely carried out through the creation and dissemination of project management related educational resources to primary and secondary school teachers.


This core strategic goal is focused on making an impact through outreach, research, teacher education, strategic relationships, compelling stories, and grants and continued implementation on a few key strategies in support of bringing project management to youth: Engage with those already in project-centered education; engage educational decision makers or those who influence them; engage those involved in major programs to improve education.  Since January 2012, more than 200,000 youth have been exposed to project management through PMIEF.

PMIEF administers a number of scholarships which support project management training for educators.



PMIEF’s resources for youth provide no-cost project management learning and teaching curriculum and other materials for primary and secondary school teachers, school administrators, as well as parents and volunteers.

Digital Student Badging

PMIEF offers a Project Management Fundamentals digital badge for students aged 12 – 19 years who have developed project management skills and knowledge in school or as part of an extracurricular activity, to show verifiable evidence of project management learning.

Digital Teacher Badging

PMIEF offers six digital badge/micro-credentials for teachers who are using project management in the classroom.  These badge/micro-credentials allow teachers to provide verifiable evidence of their ability to integrate project management into classroom instruction to enhance student learning.


Professional Development Scholarships

PMIEF administers a number of scholarships which support project management training for educators.

PM Knowledgeable Youth Grants

PMIEF awards grants to nonprofit organizations that strengthen teaching and learning globally through initiatives that integrate project management into secondary school curricula. These initiatives enhance teachers’ instructional abilities and students’ outcomes by helping them acquire and apply project management knowledge to both classroom-based and related extracurricular education, especially that which is project-based.

Project Learning Network

The Project Learning Network (PLN) is a coalition convened by PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) of like-minded, educational organizations whose goal is to positively impact primary and secondary education by advocating for 21st century skills, project based learning, leadership and project management expertise.


Our impact in this strategic area

Débora Lia de Moraes headshot

The project management course became important to support these young people in shaping their future.

Débora Lia de Moraes, Educator

Débora Lia de Moraes

Video on how Center for Digital Inclusion (CDI) taught project management to school students and how it impacted their lives.
Carol York Image

We need project management as a skill in every industry, with education being one of the primary.

Carol York, Teacher

Carol York

A video showing how students develop 21st century skills through learning project management