PM Capable Nonprofits and NGOs Grantmaking

PMIEF awards grants for innovative initiatives that deliver project management training to ensure PM Capable Nonprofits that can meet the needs of the populations they serve.


PMIEF awards grants to nonprofit organizations to build their capacity by helping their professionals acquire and apply project management knowledge to mitigate challenges in their everyday work.

The foundation recognizes the value of project management as a business solution, so it funds nonprofits’ project management training to ensure they become more efficient and more effective in their delivery of services. This grant making strategy allows PMIEF to touch people’s lives worldwide by making a difference in the organizations on which they rely for support.


2018 PM Capable Nonprofits and NGOs Grantees

Humanist Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries - Hivos

Strengthening the Hivos Project Management Way of Working (PMWoW)

US $200,000

To enhance the proficiency, effectiveness, and efficiency of Hivos staff worldwide through capacity development in the organization’s PMWoW by further developing the necessary infrastructure to ensure Hivos is a technically and procedurally competent nonprofit with global reach and impact.

Nelson Mandela Children's Fund - NMCF

PMIEF – NMCF capacity building through PM initiative

US $200,002

To acquire project management knowledge through fundamentals training and to apply that knowledge to business planning, operations documenting, monitoring and evaluation, and establishment of a project management office, all of which will allow NMCF to achieve impact, legacy, and sustainability.

Stitching SNV Nederlandse Ontwikkelingsorganisatie - SNV

Sustainable PM capacity strengthening at SNV: Developing e-learning PM training for SNV staff

US $179,493

To design and to deliver eLearning training modules that enable SNV staff to build capacity in project management knowledge areas so they more effectively and efficiently help people globally access and develop the capabilities, services, and opportunities they require to lead healthy, productive, and fulfilling lives.

World Relief

Building PM Capacity to Serve the Most Vulnerable

US $150,000

To cultivate and to optimize the project management capabilities of staff within World Relief’s key departments – administration, international programs, and marketing – through the delivery of project management fundamentals training and the provision of ongoing coaching to better ensure the organization fulfills its mission and realizes its vision.


For Grant Seekers


Nonprofit organizations with either 501(c)(3) status or the international equivalent thereof may apply for a PM Capable Nonprofits grant. Refer to our Grant Guidelines for more information. 

If you are interested in a grant, please review the How to Apply and Funding Requirements and Decisions pages for eligibility and application requirements.