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Magnify the power of Non-profits and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in delivering their missions through the application of project management.

PMIEF strives to magnify the power of Non‐profits and Non‐Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in delivering their missions through the application of project management.  

This program is focused on building the project management capability of nonprofit and non-governmental organizations to help them more efficiently and effectively accomplish their missions.  It includes the creation and dissemination of educational resources and grants to these organizations as well as training opportunities for nonprofit and NGO staff.  In this area of work, PMIEF is not only working with all types of nonprofits/NGOs, but also has a specific focus on those organizations who work in the field of Disaster Management.  PMIEF will focus on the strategic development of future nonprofit resources and initiatives to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of nonprofit organizations globally.  This work may include additional resources and programs that may be developed through grant making and other established partnerships with nonprofit organizations.


Resources for Nonprofits and NGOs

PMIEF's resources provide no-cost project management learning for nonprofits and NGOs to become more effective and efficient, and to help in recovery efforts to rebuild after disasters strike.

Professional Development Scholarships

PMIEF administers a number of scholarships which support project management training for individual staff members of nonprofits and NGOs.

Grantmaking to Nonprofits and NGOs

PMIEF awards grants to nonprofit organizations to build their capacity by helping their professionals acquire and apply project management knowledge to mitigate challenges in their everyday work. The foundation recognizes the value of project management as a business solution, so it funds nonprofits’ project management training to ensure they become more efficient and more effective in their delivery of services.


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