Webinar: Asia Society CTE Toolkit

Today’s world increasingly requires youth possess the abilities to compete, to connect, and to cooperate on an international scale. Thanks to PMIEF grants in 2015 and 2017, Asia Society designed an online toolkit and two accompanying, no-cost courses for secondary school career and technical education (CTE) teachers that promote project management knowledge and global competence as imperative for young people’s success in the 21st century.
The toolkit offers an overview of project management basics, sample projects for youth, global career planning resources, workforce readiness rubrics, and video profiles of global careers. An online companion course -- Global Competence Through Career and Technical Education -- further helps teachers equip youth for professional and civic roles.
In addition, Career Readiness in a Global Economy: STEM and CTE offers short, online modules that build CTE teachers’ capacity to deliver science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) instruction through project-based activities.

Download this resource bundle to: 
  • Watch the on-demand webinar
  • Review Asia Society’s Toolkit and learn how you can adopt their learnings into your virtual classroom
  • Use PMIEF’s resource, Project Management Toolkit for Teachers®, to add in project management into your classroom today!

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Asia Society CTE Toolkit

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