Projects From the Future Kit for Primary School

This kit, Projects From the Future: Primary Schools has been designed with the aim of offering Primary Schools some “good practices” successfully tested in didactic experiments, that may support teachers in their highest and more complex duty: ”teaching to learn”. The methodological framework, although adjusted to a special context such as primary school, remains perfectly consistent with PMI® good practices.

This “Kit for Primary School” was born out of the results of tests conducted in some schools in Milan (Italy), thanks to the essential contribution of some teachers. The kit is not meant to be an alternative teaching method, but only an additional tool in order to “teach to learn”, keeping well in mind that: “culture is not a storeroom supplied with data, but our mind’s ability of understanding life” (A. Gramsci).  

Our Kit is organized in the following five sections:

  • the first section is the introduction to the kit, giving details about the ideas it is constructed on, the goals it aims to and the way it is designed;
  • in the second section, the kit core, the working methodology to be followed for the development of a project is explained;
  • the third section consists of the training material for the preliminary training of the teachers involved;
  • the fourth section is aimed at detailing the use of the tools & techniques included in this methodology;
  • the fifth section consists in several illustratory results taken from didactic projects developed in some primary schools.

Each section is divided in chapters written on one page or more, each divided in halves: an upper half summarizing the basic concepts and a lower one with details.

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