Project Management Toolkit for Teachers®


The Project Management Toolkit for Teachers® provides a modular, user-friendly resource that teachers can use to help prepare youth aged 12-18 to be college and career ready. The materials use a project learning approach to teach students the universal life, learning, and professional skills of project management

Through the Project Management Toolkit for Teachers®, teachers will gain the following: 

  • An understanding of project management and how to help students develop the skills to successfully manage their classroom projects
  • A complete set of tools inclusive of warm-ups, lessons, rubrics and assessments to integrate project management skills and knowledge into their classroom
  • An understanding of how to teach students to co-manage projects using the materials from the Project Management Toolkit for Teachers® 

On the tabs above, you will find two versions of this toolkit:  

  1. The Project Management Toolkit for Teachers® - PM Terminology is aligned with professional project management (PM) terminology for those who would like to emphasize project management using industry standard terminology.  
  2. The Project Management Toolkit for Teachers® - PBL Terminology is aligned with Project Based Learning (PBL) terminology for teachers who are currently using PBL teaching methods in the classroom and would like to use project management frameworks to support their current classroom practices, or for any teacher who finds that this vocabulary better fits their classroom needs.

The two versions cover the same material and teachers are encouraged to utilize whichever version fits best in their classroom structure.

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Cover of the Project Management Toolkit for Teachers

To download materials, visit the PM Terminology or the PBL Terminology tabs


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