Junior Achievement Project Management Skills for Life

In the 21st century, the demand for skilled project managers is at an all-time high as organizations and agencies continue to focus on higher productivity and greater customer satisfaction with minimum resources. The PMI Educational Foundation, PMI Chicagoland and Junior Achievement of Chicago have joined forces to educate students on the importance of project management.

We are excited to present the opportunity for Project Management Professionals to work with high school students to help them understand the benefits of becoming a project management practitioner. Project management professionals are invited to serve as guest speakers in high school classrooms to discuss their career and education needed. Presentations may include an explanation of their career path, personal stories of interest, educational decisions, the joys and frustrations of the field, advice for students, and perhaps a demonstration of how they apply project management skills in their profession. This program is intended to help students better understand the direct relationship of our curricular subject areas to life skills and career opportunities in the workplace.

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