Project Management for Education - The Bridge to 21st Century Learning


We live in a sea of accelerating change. In every corner of our world, education is striving to meet society’s rapidly shifting demands for new knowledge, deeper skills, and higher levels of competence. What students now need to succeed in learning, work, family, and civic life is dramatically different from what was needed when their parents were in primary school.

Project Management for Education (“PM4Ed” for short),
aims to help build indispensable bridges between project management and education, to support the evolving transformation of education to equip students with the essential skills to tackle our world’s “glocal” (global and local) problems, and to empower all learners to successfully manage their personal, social, and life challenges.

 is actually two books in one: an Educator Guide and a Project Manager Guide bringing the advantages and benefits of project management’s powerful and practical principles and practices to the world of primary and secondary education.

By flipping this book over, you can switch between the two guides to explore how both educators and project managers (PMs) are increasingly moving toward the same goal—to help all students become more successful 21st century learners, well prepared for future work, citizenship, family, and community life.

The Project Learning Guide for Educators introduces education-friendly versions of the tried-and-true project success strategies that expert project managers have refined over lifetimes of study and practice.

The Project Learning Guide for Project Managers offers a concise roadmap for adapting business-related project management expertise to the learning needs of teachers and students, bringing the power of project methods to education and empowering student learning projects around the globe.

After reading this book both teachers and project managers will be able to answer the critical question, How do we manage learning projects, and how can we help students be more effective designers and managers of their own learning?

This books creates an incredible opportunity for project managers, teachers, and students everywhere to collaborate on well-managed projects that enhance the learning capacity of countless learners, educators, and parents; bring powerful educational and social benefits to society; and inspire work toward a better future, rich with all sorts of exciting and beneficial projects.


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About the Authors

Bernie Trilling headshot

Bernie Trilling

Bernie Trilling is Founder and CEO of 21st Century Learning Advisors. He is an active member in a variety of organizations dedicated to bringing 21st century deeper learning methods to students and teachers across the globe.

Walter Ginevri

Walter Ginevri

Walter Ginevri has a long experience as a practicing project, program and portfolio manager. With PMIEF’s support, he is strongly committed to spreading the project language in the schools all over the world.


All proceeds from the book will go to the PMI Educational Foundation as the authors have graciously agreed to forego royalties.