PMI Project Management Ready Certification Opportunities


New Certification Opportunity for High School Students: PMI Project Management Ready

PMIEF is pleased to announce a new and more robust project management certification and badging opportunity for our global community of PMI chapter members and volunteers. PMI has launched PMI Project Management ReadyTM . This certification is designed for early entrance to the field of project management and is available to high school and postsecondary students.

The e-learning curriculum, which can help prepare students with project management fundamentals that they can apply in their personal, academic and future goals, is designed to allow instructors ease and flexibility of existing content and programs.

PMI has aligned with the Certiport® "Learn, Practice, Certify" model, and all academic materials, practice tests and the certification exam are offered through Certiport®.

The new course offering introduces learners to:

  1. Project management fundamentals and core concepts.

  2. Business analysis frameworks.

  3. Traditional, plan-based methodologies.

  4. Agile frameworks and methodologies.

The learner prerequisites include:

  1. A seventh grade reading level for native speakers or with a recommended Level 3 minimum on the TOEFL Junior® test.

  2. Fundamental computer literacy skills.

  3. The ability to participate in training and exams.

PMI is also pleased to offer subsidized opportunities for its chapter members and volunteers to take the PMI Project Management Ready course. The eligibility requirements for receiving the subsidized course are:

  1. The PMI Project Management Ready course administrator or contact person must be a member of the PMI community serving as a volunteer or chapter member.

  2. The number of requested PMI Project Management Ready courses/exams cannot exceed 100.

Learn more about how the PMI Project Management Ready course can challenge students in new ways. This course will help shape students into changemakers and leaders in their future careers and communities. If you are interested in ordering the PMI Project Management Ready Certification Package, please click here to complete the request form or email Matthew Kwasiborski at If you do not meet eligibility requirements and would like to learn more, please complete the Certiport form.


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