Reggie Brown

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Many of these learners are heads of households. We're teaching them project management as a life skill.

Reggie Brown, PMP

22 July 2016

Capetown, South Africa

Twelve years ago Reggie Brown, PMP, moved his family from the United States to Cape Town, South Africa, where he is now teaching project management skills as life skills to youth in some of the poorest townships.

Day by day Reggie is discovering an amazing truth: Project management education equips people to make their own lives better.

Reggie's students are developing the right skills with the help of the right tools and resources they need to tackle their own unique challenges head-on.

This invaluable principle is true in every classroom and career path.

Project planning taught as a life skill helps students achieve better outcomes from their decisions and increases their self-esteem. Equipped, confident students are now empowered to rise to the challenge of their circumstances.

Thanks to the vision and support of friends like you and the PMI Educational Foundation, Reggie uses no-cost resources from the PMIEF, like Project Management Skills for Life, to equip his students.


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