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The things I do in EDUCA, they help to improve the quality of life of these children.

Monica Cinco Basurto, Director of institutions and programs, EDUCA

22 July 2016

Mexico City, Mexico

The PMI Educational Foundation partners with EDUCA, a nonprofit organization committed to transforming lives in Mexico through education. EDUCA seeks to improve the quality of life in underserved communities by incubating innovation in K–12 schools.  

Roberto Toledo, PMP, chairman of the 2014 PMIEF Board, recognized the importance of EDUCA’s mission. “The work that EDUCA does here in Mexico is beautiful. They are working to give support to education in this country, and I’m convinced that education is the only way that Mexico is going to be able to prosper,” he says.

PMI Chapter volunteers in Mexico City worked to bring project management curriculum first to the EDUCA staff, and then the schools that EDUCA serves. Initially, volunteers led training for the nonprofit professionals, and then served as mentors when EDUCA worked within the local schools. By training the professionals first, volunteers ensured that the project management curriculum was sustainable. Enriqueta Rodriguez, EDUCA’s schools and programs coordinator, believes in what they do. She says, “The way to cause an impact is to bring innovation to the schools that need it most and aren’t capable of arriving at these programs on their own.” Project management training is one of those innovations.”

Monica Cinco Basurto, EDUCA's director of institutions and programs, believes her work helps create equal opportunities, saying “I want all the children in my country to have the same opportunities as me. The things I do in EDUCA, they help to improve the quality of life of these children.”

EDUCA partners with the leaders of each targeted school to help them define a concrete plan of action aimed at areas of improvement and opportunity for the institution. Project management training for youth, teachers and administrators is now a key component of their efforts, and it includes volunteers from the PMI Mexico City Chapter who use their professional knowledge to train each group of stakeholders.

Through access to PMIEF’s PM Toolkit for Youth™ resource and PM Skills for Life® resource, youth learn project management skills that can help break the cycle of poverty in their families and communities. The goal is for each child to become a contributing member of society.

Project management provides tools that build practical life skills, as well as learning professional skills. Youth learn useful, real-world tools they can apply to everyday life while preparing for success in careers and at university. At the same time, EDUCA’s program provides for the needs of the whole child—they can participate in activities both before and after school, as well as receive meals while on campus.

After participating in project management training, one youth commented, “I am learning new things that I can apply to my daily life, and they are things that stay with you. You can use them in any situation, not just at school. You can use them at work or for your own purposes.”


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