Volunteer Matching Program

PMIEF has created a pro bono/volunteer matching program to connect project managers, PMI Chapters, corporations and government agencies with nonprofits/nongovernmental organizations.


PMIEF is dedicated to magnifying the power of nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to deliver their missions through the application of project management. In support of this goal, PMIEF has developed a matching program designed to identify either a pro bono/volunteer project manager or nonprofit/NGO partner.  Nonprofits/NGO staff and volunteers interested in developing project management skills may request to be matched with pro bono/volunteer project management experts.
Experienced project management practitioners provide pro bono assistance to nonprofits/NGOs that have identified needs that may be addressed through project management skills development and organizational integration of project management. Potential organizational areas that may be addressed include:

  • Governance/board development
  • Financial/resources allocation
  • Prioritizing project(s) that best align with mission and available resources
  • Managing the unexpected
  • Volunteer recruitment/training
  • Human resources
  • Fundraising/special events

Nonprofits and NGOs interested in receiving pro bono project management assistance should complete a Nonprofit/NGO Request Form.
Project management practitioners interested in providing pro bono assistance to a nonprofit/NGO should contact pmief@pmi.org.

Project Management Practitioners  

During the last three years, have you provided pro bono assistance to a nonprofit or NGO? Have you helped increase your nonprofit/NGO partner’s capacity to provide important community services? You may be eligible to apply for the Community Advancement through Project Management Award.  Receive global recognition for your service and the work of your nonprofit/NGO partner, for more information, click here.

Please Note 

PMIEF provides the matching program as a forum for organizations and project managers to identify one another. Agreements, between organizations and pro bono project managers, to develop and initiate projects are made exclusively between the parties.