Liaison Registration

PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaisons are PMI chapter volunteers who are appointed by their PMI chapter to serve as the communication link between that chapter and the PMIEF. Please register your liaison with PMIEF.


Please note, PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaisons are volunteering for their chapter, not the PMIEF, so it is the PMI Chapter’s responsibility to:

  • Determine how the position will fit into the community’s leadership structure (perhaps as a Board Member?)
  • Determine the length of the position’s term
  • Assign and appoint a member as a PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaison
  • Ensure that a succession plan is in place for when the Liaison leaves the position
  • Notify PMIEF of any changes/when the PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaison changes by email at

Please discuss the appointment with your community’s leadership before submitting a liaison registration to PMIEF.


How to register your chapter's Liaison

Please email with the information below. The chapter president must be the one to send the liaison registration information, to ensure that the chapter board has discussed and approved the appointment.  

The email must include the following information:

  • Name of PMI chapter:
  • PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaison Name:
  • Liaison Email Address Provided by the Chapter:
  • Term Effective Date:
  • Term End Date:
  • Name and Title of the Chapter Board Member whom the Liaison is reporting to:
  • Email Address of the Chapter Board Member whom the Liaison is reporting to:
  • Liaison LinkedIn profile weblink (not chapter LinkedIn link):
  • Photo of Liaison if available

Please direct any questions about the Liaison Program to Carol Martinez at