Liaison FAQs

View these frequently asked questions to gain a better understanding of the Liaison role and PMIEF.


Liaison FAQs

What is a PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaison?

A PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaison is the primary communication link between PMI Chapters and the PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF). The liaison program provides vital connections that aid the delivery of information about the no-cost resources and programs PMIEF provides. In addition, liaisons help inform PMIEF about PMI community needs and existing programs. 

Where does the PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaison fit into your community structure?

This is dependent on the community. Each community board determines the structure for the liaison position and may choose to implement this role in its own way.  In some cases, the liaison position may report to the Director of Outreach, in others it may report directly to the Chapter President, and others may make this a board role.

What are the roles and responsibilities of the PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaison?

Roles and responsibilities may vary within the community, but all liaisons’ duties include: 

  • Advocating for PMIEF to the community and beyond

  • Understanding PMIEF resources

  • Promoting PMIEF resources and scholarships—directing others to  

  • Attending required PMIEF trainings, updates, meetings, etc.

  • Reviewing newsletters: PM for Social Good® and PMIEF Liaison Newsletter

  • Sharing information about PMIEF resources, scholarships, newsletters, etc. with community leaders and members.

 A complete list of responsibilities is listed in the PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaison Position Description which is available here


What are the first five steps a new liaison should take?

  • Meet with whomever you report to in your PMI Community to gain their support and discuss strategies for leveraging project management for social good in your community

  • Use PMIEF newsletter articles in your community’s newsletter and announce scholarship and award deadlines—reach out to the local press as well. 

  • PMIEF Minute: Ask your Board for a “PMIEF Minute” at each meeting to make announcements about PMIEF topics  

  • Provide a link on your community’s website to the PMIEF website (especially for scholarships and educational resources.) 

  • Community connections—start to identify partnerships (For example: Colleges, Nonprofit Resource Centers, the United Way, religious groups, schools, and youth organizations)

How do liaisons receive training?

PMIEF provides training webinars throughout the year. PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaisons should schedule an introductory call with the Programs Administrator of the PMIEF to discuss the role, how to get started, and the goals of the chapter. Chapter board members may wish to be a part of this introductory call. 

All liaisons receive invitations to webinar trainings via notification in the PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaison newsletter and are encouraged to extend the invitation to their community leaders. PMIEF is also happy to speak one-on-one to answer any questions or concerns. For those who are unable to attend the webinars, recordings of these webinars are available.

Where can I find the PMIEF resources?

Visit the Resource section in the Library on the PMIEF website.  You will find curriculum appropriate for use with youth audiences, teachers, and nonprofit staff.

As a liaison, how do I promote the use of the PMIEF no-cost downloadable resources?

There are many options, which include: 

  • Making presentations at community meetings

  • Hosting a booth at chapter Professional Development Days

  • Asking to participate in your community’s new member orientation

  • Visiting local schools or colleges and promoting scholarships and career information

  • Participating in career fairs or making a career presentation at your child’s school

  • Contacting charities or local nonprofit resource centers

As a liaison, how can I represent the interests of PMIEF?

A liaison can best support PMIEF by ensuring that they are knowledgeable and up-to-date about PMIEF’s programs and resources.  Remaining positive and being ready with several examples of PMIEF activities and resources will help prepare a liaison for effective communication with their community.  This information can be easily garnered by reading the PM for Social Good® and PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaison newsletters.

How does a chapter benefit from appointing a liaison to the PMIEF?

PMIEF provides no-cost resources and programs that can aid PMI chapters in creating programs within their community.  Through community projects, members are able to ‘give back’ to the community and utilize their professional skills for the benefit of youth, nonprofits, and the under-served members of society.  Not only does this community involvement help PMI members become local leaders, but programs for social good also help engage members, which in turn, leads to greater membership retention. 

What types of PM programs for social good can a community engage in with PMIEF?

Community projects can range anywhere between one-day commitments to long-term projects.  Each community is encouraged to develop projects that are based around the interests of its members as well as the needs of its community.  For example, members can engage directly with the community by mentoring nonprofits and youth or help spread the benefits of project management by developing new educational resources and materials.  Many communities have partnered with organizations such as the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, Lions Clubs, Junior Achievement, and other civic organizations.  We encourage that partnerships be made primarily with youth-focused or humanitarian organizations. As another program option, PMIEF is always looking for help developing and translating its resources. 

How will PMIEF communicate with the PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaisons?

PMIEF has a variety of communications tools: 

  • The PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaison Newsletter (monthly) 

  • Webinars

  • The Liaison Page on PMIEF Website

  • PMIEF Surveys

Are liaisons expected to adhere to a code of ethics?

Yes, as chapter volunteers for PMI, all liaisons are expected to abide by the PMI Code of Ethics.  For additional information, a copy of the PMI Code of Ethics can be found here.

Do PMI Communities need to obtain approval to utilize PMIEF written resources?

You do not need formal approval to use PMIEF resources as long as the use is for non-commercial purposes, meaning you do not sell them or charge for your time when training. Resources can be downloaded at, reproduced, and used in social good programs as long as the content is not altered and, again, not used for commercial purposes.  However, if you wish to change content or translate materials, you must first obtain written approval from the PMIEF.  To do so, please email us at

Are there limitations on the usage of PMIEF Resources?

Resources are available for noncommercial use only and are not meant to be a revenue source for any PMI Community. 

What is a liaison’s responsibility when a new community member is taking the position?

If the current liaison is leaving the position, he/she is responsible for familiarizing the new liaison with the position.  In addition, the exiting liaison is encouraged to recommend candidates within their community who have excellent leadership characteristics to fill the role

How do PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaisons subscribe to the PMIEF newsletters?

PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaisons will automatically start receiving the PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaison e-newsletter via email. To subscribe to PMIEF’s PM for Social Good®, sign up in the footer below.

Is the liaison a volunteer for the chapter or for the PMI Educational Foundation?

A PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaison is a PMI chapter volunteer and must adhere to all PMI community bylaws and rules. 

Are PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaisons eligible to receive PDUs for their service?

Yes, PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaisons can claim PDUs under the Giving Back portion of the PMI Talent Triangle.  For additional information about PDUs, please visit the PMI website at 


Will PMIEF fund programs or reimburse liaisons for their expenses?

PMIEF is unable to provide reimbursement for community program funding. Reimbursement policies for expenses incurred are to be established individually by each chapter as a reflection of their chapter budget.

Who should be contacted for more information?

For more information, please contact the PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) at:

Telephone: +1 610 356-4600  
Fax: +1 610 356- 0357

You can also contact Carol Martinez, PMI Community Engagement Specialist, who oversees the Liaison Program.