Communication Guidelines

Outreach for social good adds value to chapter membership, and as the PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaison, you may want to publicize that value online and in publications.

These guidelines can help you incorporate your outreach efforts for social good onto your chapter websites, social media profiles and elsewhere.


While many of the guidelines on this page may remind you of the guidelines in the Policy Manual for PMI Chapters, it is important to remember that the PMI Educational Foundation does not have Chapters, and your efforts for social good are being undertaken through the chapter, rather than through the EF.


Titles for Outreach Chapter Efforts


You may wish to give your chapter’s efforts for social good a title. It is important to choose a title that represents the efforts as being on behalf of the chapter, rather than the EF.

Suggested Titles for Chapter Efforts

PMI [Chapter Name] Global Outreach

PMI [Chapter Name] Community Outreach

PMI [Chapter Name] Efforts for Social Good

PMI [Chapter Name] Educational

Outreach Titles to Be Avoided 

PMI [Chapter Name] Educational Foundation 

PMI [Chapter Name]: Educational Foundation

PMI [Chapter Name] - Educational Foundation


Text for Chapter Website


Chapter Websites provide a wonderful forum to represent your efforts for social good. In fact, members may be enthusiastic to join a chapter that is reaching out to the local community through programs for social good or scholarships. The text below will help you represent your work on your PMI Chapter Website.

Suggested Text for Chapter Website

The PMI [Chapter Name] is passionate about giving back to their members and their community through efforts to leverage project management for social good®. PMI [Chapter Name] maintains a close relationship with the PMI Educational Foundation and encourages you to learn more about the PMI Educational Foundation at (Feel free to add a description of your individual program.) [Liaison Name] is the PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaison, and as such, serves as a vital communications and activities link between the PMI Educational Foundation and the PMI [Chapter Name]. As such, [Liaison Name] is knowledgeable about PMIEF initiatives and resources. Please reach out to [Liaison Name or e-mail address] with questions about getting volunteering or learning more about the PMIEF.


Representation on LinkedIn


LinkedIn provides a great professional networking opportunity, and as the liaison to the PMIEF, you may wish to promote yourself as a liaison for the PMI [Chapter Name] on your personal profile. The text below will help your chapter members to understand your role. You should avoid representing yourself as a volunteer or representative of the PMIEF, which could confuse chapter members seeking to connect with you

Suggested LinkedIn Profile

Title: PMI [Chapter Name] Liaison to the PMIEF Responsibilities: As the PMI [Chapter Name] Liaison to the PMIEF, I provide a vital communications and activities link between the PMI Educational Foundation and the PMI [Chapter Name] for the purpose of promoting awareness of PMIEF and providing increased value for PMI [Chapter Name] members.

Avoid the Following
  • Representing yourself as a PMIEF Volunteer instead of a Chapter Volunteer.
  • Representing yourself as the leader of a local chapter of PMIEF.

Representation on Email


Many chapters choose to create chapter e-mail addresses that stay with the chapter as roles change (for example, “president@pmi[chaptername].org”). If your chapter chooses to create an e-mail address for your Liaison role to the PMIEF, here are some suggestions: 

Suggested Titles for E-mail Addresses

firstname.lastname@pmi[chaptername].org (Preferred PMIEF option)




Avoid Using These Email-Addresses









Chapters can request a high-res PMIEF logo from the PMIEF Programs Administrator to post on their chapter website. The PMIEF Logo can only be used as a link to PMIEF Website and should be placed on a part of the chapter website where it does not appear to be part of the chapter or another organization. Any other use of the PMIEF Logo needs to be approved by the PMIEF. With questions about logo usage, please e-mail


PMIEF Resources


The PMIEF No-Cost Resources can be downloaded via the Resource Library. Please do not post links to the individual resources on your chapter website. Instead, encourage your chapter members to visit the PMIEF homepage themselves.



  • PMIEF is singularly located at the GHQ in Pennsylvania, USA. PMIEF does not have chapters or affiliates. This is different from the model used by PMI chapters.
  • Represent yourself as a volunteer from your local PMI Chapter, rather than a volunteer or employee of the PMIEF. This eliminates confusion for chapter members who are working with you.
  • Use the title “PMI [Chapter Name] Liaison to the PMIEF to help chapter members and others understand your role.

As your chapter’s PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaison, you have the opportunity to share information and resources with chapter members, and inspire efforts for social good. Your chapter should feel proud of its efforts for social good, and feel comfortable taking credit for the work of its volunteers. If you have questions about how to represent your efforts for social good online, please e-mail

Thank you for serving as your chapter’s PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaison!