Community Engagement Committee


Current Committee Membership


The Community Engagement Committee is responsible for assisting the PMIEF Development Committee in relationship building and stewardship of specific communities within PMI for the purpose of ensuring that those PMI communities see the value that PMIEF has to offer their membership and their local communities.

This committee reports to the PMIEF Board of Directors Program Committee.


Deji Ishmael

Committee Member

Garfield Bowen

Committee Member

Gerardo Blitzer

Committee Member

Gina Abudi

Committee Chair

Maria Astudillo

Committee Member

Milan Smigic

Committee Member

Patricia Garofano

Committee Member

Shekar Hariharan

Committee Member

Pablo Lledó

Program Committee Chair, PMIEF Board of Directors

Walter Ginevri

Program Committee Liaison, PMIEF Board of Directors


Chonnie Blair

Programs Supervisor

Jeannette Barr

Executive Director

Jill Liebling

Development Manager

Kendra Modzelewski

Programs Administrator