Funding Requirements and Decisions

Funding Decisions

PMIEF seeks grant applications for initiatives that will achieve meaningful reach in numbers and geographies served, yield measurable outcomes, and demonstrate capacity for scale up and sustainability.

Funding decisions are at the discretion of the PMIEF Board of Directors and are determined on the bases of the proposed initiative’s scope, reach, anticipated outcomes and budget as well as all of the requirements for application submission. The PMIEF Board of Directors will only consider applications that request funding for a single initiative or phase within an initiative. In addition, no resources beyond the grant should be expected.

The PMIEF Board of Directors will not provide grants for general operating costs, endowment drives, capital campaigns, deficit financing, building campaigns, or travel (unless travel is required as an integral part of the proposed initiative). 

Funding Requirements

Grant recipients are required to submit an interim report of progress and activities to PMIEF at specified intervals as stated in the grant agreement. In addition, all grant recipients are required to submit a final report on program outcomes within 31 days following the end of the grant period. Both interim and final reports must include an itemized budget of grant expenditures, key metrics about reach and impact, and key deliverables that exemplify funded activities.