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Why PMIEF is vital to the project management profession

Jim Snyder

Jim Snyder

Founder, Project Management Institute


As one of the five founding members of the Project Management Institute, it is my honor to tell you why the PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) is vital to the project management profession and ask you to join me by making a gift to the foundation. 

PMI established PMIEF in 1990 as its charitable arm to award scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students studying project management related disciplines. 

But that was just the beginning! 

Today, PMIEF partners with friends like you to not only deliver academic and professional development scholarships, but also to help youth, teachers, and staff of nonprofit /non-governmental organizations (NGOs) learn project management. Its about helping everyone become “project-ready” for the demands of our times. 

Every time I see the difference project management skills make, I'm simply amazed... and energized to imagine the future of our profession. That’s why I wish you could have been with me when I visited Helen’s primary school class. She regularly uses curriculum from PMIEF to teach project management skills to her students. 

On that day, she was beginning a new geography unit. The kids piped up with questions like, “What's the scope of our project?” “What is the timeline?” and “What resources do we have?” — at age ten! 

When kids learn how to successfully manage a project, they move forward with confidence. They know what has to be done and they know how to do it! 

Thats the heart — the true impact — of PMIEF. And that’s where you come in.

As we move into the future, I see:

  • PMIEF growing and offering more educational resources and programs for youth... making excellent project management a way of life.
  • An increase in scholarships for students who want to make project management a career or develop new knowledge for the profession.
  • A growing pipeline of young men and women ready to carry project management into the next generation.
  • Our nonprofit organizations becoming more efficient and effective, addressing the needs of our communities with newfound strength. 


If you believe, like me, that the work of PMIEF is important, please join me and make a gift today.


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