30th Anniversary Activities

Celebrate PMIEF's 30th anniversary by participating in our activities. From a Word Search game to webinars and a Best of 1990 infographic to a coloring activity for the whole family, we hope you'll learn more about the Foundation and have some fun too!



PMIEF 30th Anniversary Coloring Activity

Download and print our exclusive PMIEF Philanthropy icon page ... then you become the designer. Be creative! Get your kids involved! In fact, have your kids color their very own icon. Then email us a photo of your creation. We are excited to see your diverse artwork!

See full instructions in the download.


PMIEF 30th Anniversary Word Search Game

Looking for something fun to do with your family? Download, print and play our Word Search game and see how much you know about the PMI Educational Foundation!


Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

We all know PMIEF launched in 1990, but what else was topping the charts 30 years ago? Take a walk down memory lane and see what music artists were popular, what global events were in the news and much more. badge Takeover

Go watch our special webinars, read targeted articles and chat with the active community on today!


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