How to Apply


  • Students and practitioners are eligible to submit papers which advance the PMBOK® Guide in the field of design, procurement and/or construction by providing a useful contribution to the engineering and construction industry.
  • The paper should present a pragmatic approach to engineering and construction issues.
  • The paper is to be focused on one or more of the following areas:
    • Engineering and construction means and methods
    • Project organizations and delivery systems
    • Engineering and construction performance
    • Cost, schedule, and progress controls
  • The application deadline is 15 Febuary 2016.


Application Checklist

  • Applicant Information

    Contact details, basic information about the project, etc.
  • Essays

    • Please provide a brief overview of the project, including how it was identified, planned and executed.
    • The demands of the project management team require the ability to be creative and to inspire innovation. Describe how the pro bono project encouraged the volunteers and/or staff of the nonprofit/NGO with innovative thinking and creativity.
    • As a result of the pro bono project to the nonprofit/ NGO staff, how was the transfer of project management knowledge incorporated in the organization?
    • Did the nonprofit/ NGO experience any quantifiable results/outcomes as a result of the pro bono project? If so, please indicate the results/outcomes (e.g. under budget, ahead of schedule, operation costs, reduced or revenue increased, etc.).
  • Letter of recommendation

    Letter from the nonprofit/NGO partner that received PM guidance in this application. It should describe the value of the project to the organization and, as a result, how project management skills have been incorporated for use by the organization.
  • Optional Two to Three Minute Project Video Presentation or Article

    Submitted as a link to the video on YouTube, Vimeo, or other video hosting website.


How to Apply

  1. Create an account on, or log in.
  2. Access the awards application portal via the link in the sidebar.
  3. Complete your application. If you need to return to an in-progress application at a later date, you can revisit the application portal. Once you are logged in at, you’ll see a “Return to application portal” link in the site main menu, as well as on this page.
  4. Submit your completed application. Winners will be notified approximately 6 weeks after the application period closes.


Paper Formatting Guidelines


See how to format and submit your paper.

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