Our Mission and Story

For 30 years, PMIEF has helped put youth on the path to success by incorporating project management skills into their daily lives.

In fact, we are narrowing our strategic focus even more in order to make a greater impact and provide increased value to young people around the world by working through nonprofits.


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Inspiring youth to achieve their goals, making dreams a reality.


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Enable youth to realize their potential and transform lives through project management.


Young people are tomorrow’s global leaders. Our goal is to forge partnerships with the nonprofit organizations that support and prepare youth for success by offering our project management expertise, resources, and volunteers to aid them in their missions.

Three primary approaches:


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Sustain our emphasis on young people, creating generation after generation of adults who fulfill their own goals and are prepared to shape their world.


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Amplify our ability to reach and influence youth by emphasizing the global delivery of our services through engaging, experience-based project activities offered through nonprofits.


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Leverage volunteers to help deliver the benefits of project management to youth.


How Will We Deliver?


PMIEF offers comprehensive services to youth-serving nonprofits to maximize their ability to transfer project management knowledge, skills and competencies to the youth they serve.

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PMIEF creates sharing networks so that youth-serving nonprofits can learn from each other.

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PMIEF monitors, learns, and adjusts its products and services to assure the maximum impact on youths’ success.

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Scholarships are made available to youth and nonprofit staff who want to further explore project management.

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PMIEF designs engaging activities and globally-appropriate resources for youth to learn project management, and helps nonprofits build them into their programs.

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PMIEF leverages PM volunteers to help nonprofits customize PMIEF materials for their programs, and mentor youth in learning and applying PM.


You are part of our strategy. Whether you are a volunteer, donor, interested nonprofit, project management training organization or researcher, your skills, enthusiasm, and financial support can help make our vision a reality. 

Interested in learning more?

Download our Strategic Plan Infographic.


Strategic Plan 2019-2027


View the strategic plan for PMIEF for 2019-2027.

Download (English) (pdf, 1.5 MB)