Video: PMIEF Grant brings success to classrooms


10 June 2018

Published inPM Philanthropist (archived)

Topics Youth

Teacher with children

In 2015, PMIEF awarded a grant to the nonprofit MBA Research & Curriculum Center to pilot our Project Management for Career & Technical Education resources in 70 demographically diverse career and technical education (CTE) classrooms across the U.S.. Fast forward to the present, and the teachers and their students are experiencing remarkable success.

In this short PMIEF video, we catch up with these dedicated participants to see how PM is impacting their classrooms. You will hear and see the teachers describe how PM skills have made students more confident, more engaged and more empowered. But what you’ll also witness is the newly invigorated enthusiasm that the training has brought to the teachers themselves. Many have gone on not only to share their knowledge with their students but to share their project management practices with other teachers as well.  

Enjoy the video. It’s a great reminder of how project management for social good® is impacting teachers, students and the world.  

The MBA Research & Curriculum Center grant from PMIEF is just one way generous donations are impacting education. It was estimated that this initiative reached 1,500–2,000 future leaders! We thank you for your past contributions! Please consider supporting even more success stories like this.