The Casablanca Chapter of the Dell Volunteer PM Program Makes a Difference Through Project Management Training


30 March 2021

Published inPM for Social Good

Topics Youth

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Dell Inc., a longtime supporter of the PMI Educational Foundation’s (PMIEF) social good efforts through its Dell Volunteer Project Management (DVPM) program, is continuing to set the pace for pro bono outreach on a global level.

After launching programs in several countries in recent years, including Ireland, the United States, India, Malaysia and others, DVPM opened its new chapter in Casablanca, Morocco in June 2020. Due to a myriad of challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic presented, the process of preparation had to be done virtually, beginning with engaging with local charities through to the final delivery of training. 

From an internal collaboration perspective, the team was seamlessly able to leverage all the tools provided by the DVPM training to collaborate. One of the biggest challenges was external engagement with partners and charities, as not all of them were familiar with the program’s project management tools. So, the team facilitators spent some additional time training audiences on how to best use the tools for a better outcome and enable them to be more agile in their day-to-day work. 

Another challenge was that the content of the training needed to be personalized and tailored to diverse audiences. The trainers were tasked with reviewing slides to adapt the content, sometimes requiring a switch between Arabic, French and English languages to meet the trainees’ expectations.

Dell DVPM Casablanca volunteers


Despite all the challenges, the journey has been incredibly exciting and rewarding for the Casablanca DVPM team since the very beginning. To date, a total of eight DVPM sessions have been scheduled and delivered by the project management trainers and facilitators (20 volunteers) with almost 300 attendees participating and benefitting from the sessions. 

Feedback from all five participating organizations that have been working with the Casablanca DVPM team has been positive and rewarding. Below are just two of the incredible testimonials from trainees from the Intilaqa, program. 

“As an Intilaqa,program laureate, I was fortunate to attend a training session organized by Dell volunteers. The project management training [through the volunteers and PMI] allowed me to develop my entrepreneurial skills to help me better conceive, initiate, launch and manage my social project to empower girls through sports in rural areas,” said Ouled Saleh Intilaqa, program beneficiary.

“The project management training, led by Dell professionals and collaborators for the beneficiaries of the first promotion of the Initiative Intilaqa, program, is part of the joint will of TIBU and Dell to train young people around the most recent management trends. This high-impact course enabled a group of young people who are passionate about sports to acquire very important techniques in terms of project management. These techniques will certainly serve them as they attack the job market with certainty and quality. This joint collaboration also contributes to the training of a new generation of actors and stakeholders in the sports industry with a global and broad vision of the necessary skills,” said Ayoub Ait Othmane, Intilaqa, program director.

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