PMIEF's Project Learning Network Brings Together International Youth Organizations for PM Conference


11 June 2018

Published inPM Philanthropist (archived)

Group at the PLN 2018 Meeting

The PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) is always seeking ways to prepare the world’s future leaders by providing PM skills to youth. It is our mission to give them the processes and the tools necessary for success in their schooling, in their careers and in life. The best and obvious way to reach students is through their educators and influencers. To this end, in 2012, PMIEF established the Project Learning Network (PLN).

PLN is the convening of like-minded educators from around the world who want to focus on developing students’ 21st-century skills, leadership talents and project-based learning abilities. It is a yearly, multi-day conference attended by teachers, instructional experts and educational leaders, for learning, sharing experiences and sharpening their PM focus. It’s a unique opportunity for these professionals to dig deep into how they will incorporate and grow PM with the youth they serve. At the summit, they collaborate and discover what works and what does not work in various environments. Best of all, it’s estimated that through the knowledge disseminated, millions of students have been given the gift of PM skills. 

A world of influence 

The Project Learning Network is an international initiative with more than 50 percent of those participating representing youth-facing organizations from outside the United States. More than 5 countries are represented on the diverse roster of more than 40 PLN partners.

For instance, Teresa Leahy, the Area Manager of the Midwest chapter of Junior Achievement Ireland, traveled from Limerick to the PLN gathering in North Carolina in April 2018. She’s a dedicated advocate of project-based learning and was thrilled to be part of the event. “It was very informational and a really, really useful few days in the U.S.,” reports Teresa. “Because in Ireland we are just in the initial stages of our teacher training, I was very excited to learn from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (which was a case study at this year’s PLN) about their ongoing teacher PM program.” Teresa continues, “I’m still in touch with them, and they continue to be helpful, sharing information and resources. It’s fantastic.”

A strong future of support for future leaders

Just in its seventh year, PLN has reached millions of students and hundreds of educators with PM training and skills. It has been the source of countless fresh ideas, proven solutions and renewed PM enthusiasm for organizations all over the world. What’s more, the connections made each year at PLN are so vital to providing effective PM training. Says Teresa, “It was so good to get to know these different organizations and how they are using PM. Meeting them all was invaluable.”

The Project Learning Network will continue to grow, evolve and touch the lives of so many each year in a positive and productive way. It is a PMIEF initiative that is laying the groundwork for our future leaders to make the world a better place. And that’s what project management for social good® is all about.   

Teresa Leahy feels so fortunate PMIEF has shown her and her Junior Achievement organization such opportunity and support. “PMIEF has provided us with so much. And for our students, it’s so highly beneficial,” says Teresa. Please help us maintain this assistance and initiatives like PLN by making a contribution today.

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