Powering PMIEF: 30 Reasons to Give to the Foundation


03 August 2020

30th Anniversary Donate

The PMI Educational Foundation is grateful for all the support from its donor’s over the years and thanks them for their contributions!

The PMI Educational Foundation has grown leaps and bounds since it started in 1990. From our humble beginnings of administering PMI chapter scholarships and creating a few resources, we have grown into a globally recognized non-profit focused on helping tomorrow’s youth become project management capable and inspire them to become tomorrow’s global leaders. We’re proud to say we impacted over 800,000 youth to date by using project management for social good in every facet of the Foundation – thanks to you! 

Through the generous charitable support of donors like you, PMIEF has influenced individuals and communities around the world by championing Project Management for Social Good®. 
In honor of PMIEF’s 30th anniversary, read 30 testimonials from over the years below to learn how you are a critical part of our success and why your donation makes a difference!


Project management is as critical to life as any of the STEM skills that are taught today. You can ask the same question and say, “Why teach science or mathematics?” Project management is just as important.

Jim Snyder Founder, PMI

“The work is critical because the work of the foundation has a very long-term positive effect on the quality of life of the young people through altruistically helping them in learning project management principles and how to apply them.” – Miguel Angel Rivera Adan 

"Most things in our lives are project related. If we can help educate kids earlier to this fact, it will help them throughout the processes of growing up, education, and life itself. In less-developed countries, where there are fewer resources, project management can help people maximize their existing resources and live a better life, with less conflict, less stress, and greater peace of mind." – Peggy Billhartz, PMP® 
"I donate for two reasons," he explains. "First, I think that the work being done by PMIEF is really great and I understand the necessity of having funds available for it to continue. And second, I can’t expect others to donate if I do not donate myself. I want to be an example to other people and encourage them to support PMIEF, too." – Gerardo Blitzer, PMP® 

“It is important because it offers development opportunities for young minds to take a concept and develop it into something tangible using project management processes. It develops their cognitive skills to address issues, identify and mitigate risks, understand a budget, and create solutions that matter." – Michael Branch 

“I have seen a global hunger among the young people of this planet for what PMIEF provides in the United States. I want to transfer more of my knowledge to a new generation, just as PMIEF is doing now....my personal vision is one in which PMIEF’s program is extended on a global scale, bringing younger citizens the tools to improve not only their lives, but also the world around them.” – John Briesemeister, MBA, PMP® 

“As PMs, we are very focused on what we are doing at any given time. But we need to lift our eyes toward the future, and ask, ‘What can I do to leave a legacy in project management for the next generation?’  By giving to PMIEF, we have an opportunity to impact project management for generations to come. Imagine helping someone else discover their strengths for project management – what is more rewarding that that? Somebody did that for me. Sharing project management skills with young people will allow them to find out who they are, and become more successful at whatever it is they love.” – Teresa Burgess, PMP® 

“The teachers and students who had been trained in project management scored 30%–40% higher on things like collaboration, organization and academic performance. That just blew me away. And these are all good skills that will serve them well as they go into careers in the future.” – Marge Combe, Former PMIEF Board Member 

“We need to give tools to the new generation. The world is growing fast – the best way to help youth is to provide education by giving and reiterating our values. “ – Rocio De La Cuadra 

“It comes down to improving people’s lives. Project management knowledge enhances people’s day-to-day living and their careers. It’s a whole mindset in which these skills can be applied to big projects, small projects, even to families.” – Mohamed F. Diab, MBA, PhD, former President and CEO of the PMI Minnesota Chapter

“Working with PMIEF and sharing its mission around the globe makes me feel that we are influencing change in the world by giving and sharing with others. Educating youth about project management skills is a very important” – Agnieszka Gasperini 

“[PMIEF] means people helping people. For those of us that have achieved a level of competency in our field, we have the obligation to pay back the investments that others have made in us to those who are coming up behind us,” – Greg Gomel, PMP® 

“There is little as impactful as educating children in basic project management,” he asserts, “because once learned, it is a skill that can take them anywhere in life. These children grow up into people who can solve problems and experience the joys of accomplishment and success. Giving kids PM skills is a gift that lasts a lifetime. And no one can ever take it away from them.” – Christopher Graham 
"It is that aspect of giving back that I love. After all, I realize people invested in me throughout life, and the only way I can pay them back is to give to others," she reflects. "We all need to think about that. We all need to give." – Kristine Hayes Munson, PMP® 

"I like to think that through my own small contribution, PMIEF will be, able to reach one more student, touch one more life," she adds. "If all of us in project management contribute our own individual gifts, collectively we will enable PMIEF to further a program, develop one, and grow one." – Connie Figley, PMP® 
"My takeaway to others is this: The workforce of the future is dependent on the youth of today, so we must invest in them. I feel very strongly that project management offers tangible, usable skills that can be absorbed by middle schoolers, high schoolers and college students. We must provide access and exposure, and with our gifts, PMIEF can do exactly that." – Betsy Fleek, PMP® 
“PMIEF is uniquely set up to be a catalyst for long-term growth. With help and financial support from all of us, we can do two critical things - expose younger and younger students to project management principles, helping them to understand and use them in school and in life and help good project managers to become extraordinary!” – Mitchell Fong. PMP® 

“Emotionally, I am getting back to where I can give my time to things once again. And honestly, considering the worldwide efforts that are being done by PMIEF, I believe this is the group I’ve got to get involved in. PMIEF’s educational outreach is the area in which I want to put my efforts in the future.” – Patti Jenson 
"I am a longtime, strong PMI member, and an avid supporter of PMIEF—and always will be. I have no regrets when it comes to my career in project management. I want young people to be able to look back and say the same thing someday." – John Koren, PMP® 

“What PMIEF does for the nonprofit sector is truly significant,” Jay goes on to say. “Through education, they help these organizations break down a work structure and identify what technology they need and why. PMIEF provides the techniques, the tools and a whole mindset to people who wouldn’t get much of a shot at it. So, these people trying to do good can accomplish what they set out to accomplish.” – Jay Manifold 

“I believe that project management is fundamental for children, youth, and adults to be successful in life. Absolutely fundamental. The ability to plan...to problem solve...to think through every aspect of a project...it makes a huge difference.” – Debra Miersma, PMI Fellow 
"I have used project management in everything I do in life …There isn’t any area of life in which it is not applicable. It helps people to achieve success in so many ways. I think it is our responsibility as project managers to share this information and give back to the world. It is the right thing to do." – German Gutierrez-Pacheco, PMP® 
"I promote PMIEF whenever I can," says Frank, "because it gives an opportunity to youth to obtain skills they can take with them anywhere. It's my belief that if we can get young adults to really learn about and develop these skills as early as possible they will become much stronger leaders in whatever field they enter, and make a difference in their communities." – Frank Saladis, PMP® 
"And as young people continue into adulthood and their careers, project management shapes them as professionals, able to leverage values and train on different management techniques." – Marcelo Briola, PMP®  
"Sharing knowledge and experience is what being a project management professional is all about. This is the very spirit of being a PM. But even if you cannot volunteer your time, you can make a donation. You can put your money to work on your behalf.  You can help fund the education of children, and in doing so you can indirectly change the world." – Kavi Ruben Ramasamy, PMP® 

"Some of us are lucky to have parents, or go to schools or have mentors who provide us the awareness of these skills and help us build them early in our lives. But, these days, thanks to organizations like PMI and PMIEF, the knowledge is accessible to all, and there are plenty of avenues through these organizations to participate and build project management skills." – Sudhakar Ravada, PMP®

“I have proven in my own life that project management is truly a life skill. I am hopeful my donations will help PMIEF to continue training programs for young people, even elementary school age, so they may take advantage of this marvelous approach to, well, everything they want to accomplish. I guess you could say I want to keep spreading the gospel according to project management,” he adds with a laugh, “because I know lives will be improved and the world will be a better place because of it.” – James Salapatas 

“There is a proverb that teaches us, ‘Prosperity is powerful.’ Those who have knowledge can share it through volunteer activities and PMIEF donations. We have an obligation to help others as much as possible. We must use our own prosperity to benefit the next generation and help them to embrace their own power. Prosperity brings responsibility.” – Shinichi Tasaka 

“When I see photos of foundation representatives delivering materials to classrooms, even though I am not in the pictures, I am. I see myself standing behind them, helping to make this happen. At some point, perhaps as we age, we must give pieces of our knowledge and experience to the younger generation. It’s like achieving a bit of immortality” – Kris Troukens  

"Becoming oriented to PM at an early age means that youth who are practicing and becoming proficient in these skills will be able to accelerate their ability to be a more effective leader in managing projects as they become more complex. That skill set will set them apart from their peers who do not have the language, context, tools or techniques to manage increasingly complex problems – whether they be business, social or even personal." – Andrew Whitmire, PMP®