PMIEF Sponsors PM Training for Philadelphia Area School Leaders


17 June 2016

Kendra Modzelewski

Written by Kendra Modzelewski

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Project management is an important component of the Teacher-Leader Collaborative Grants Program led by the Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders. Trainer Bruce Fieggen led a project management training, sponsored by PMIEF, to support these leaders in implementing school-based projects.

The Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders (School Leaders) seeks to improve student outcomes by investing in school leadership. School Leaders' flagship program is the year-long Neubauer Fellowship in Educational Leadership. The Fellowship is awarded to exceptional public, charter, and parochial school principals with a proven track record of improving Philadelphia schools. Selected Fellows are exposed to high-quality professional development to enhance their own skills as leaders.

PMI Educational Foundation supported School Leaders’ latest endeavor: The Teacher-Leader Collaborative Grants Program. The program, made possible through support of the William Penn Foundation,  allows teams of teachers and principals to apply for grant-funding between $5,000 to $15,000 in order to fund school-based projects. In its inaugural year, School Leaders selected 13 schools to receive the grant award. School Leaders brought the recipients of the award together for the Teacher-Leader Institute, a full day of professional development training aimed at preparing teachers and principals to undertake their individual projects.

PMIEF sponsored project management training during the School Leaders’ Teacher-Leader Institute on Saturday, 4 June in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Over fifty principals and teachers from 13 local public, charter, and parochial schools attended the session given by professional project manager and trainer Bruce Fieggen. The session focused on project planning, goal setting, and project execution.

PMIEF Programs Administrator Diane Fromm also attended the Teacher Leader Institute session.  Diane provided an overview of PMIEF and reminded those attending the importance of providing students with project management knowledge as a life, learning, and professional skill.   

School Leaders’ Project Coordinator Christian Edge shared how project management fits into the Teacher Leader Collaborative Grants Program.  “[PM] is paramount to our program,” Christian explained. “For the first time, [many of the grantees] are learning to develop project plans and work breakdown structures.  They are learning how to execute projects in a timely fashion.”  

In addition to participating in the Teacher Leader Institute, grantees also sharpen their management skills through leadership workshops and networking with local decision makers.  

The successful project proposals for 2016 are expected to reach over 10,000 students and over 400 teachers, and include project scopes ranging from increasing attendance rates to helping students develop financial literacy skills.  

PMIEF is proud to contribute to training  PM-capable school leaders and teachers through support of the Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders program.