PMIEF Partners with NOCTI to Offer a “Fundamentals of Project Management” Student Badge


21 October 2016

Kendra Modzelewski

Written by Kendra Modzelewski

Four boys looking at two laptops

The PMIEF Project Management Fundamentals digital badge allows youth to validate and share project management knowledge and skills.

In November 2016, PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) launched the PMIEF Project Management Fundamentals digital badge for secondary school students.  This exciting initiative allows youth who have gained project management skills and knowledge through classwork, participation in extracurricular activities, or in other ways to validate and share their accomplishments with potential employers, college admissions officers, teachers, or other interested parties. 

A digital badge is a validated record of achievement that a student can easily share through social media (such as LinkedIn), as part of a digital portfolio, on a resume, or by other means.  Important information such as the issuer and what was required to earn the badge is embedded into the badge itself, making it easily verifiable when a recipient chooses to share it.   

Because badges are designed to document competence rather than a specific number of training hours, they can be an ideal way for students who have acquired project management knowledge outside of the traditional classroom environment—as part of scout projects, competition teams, or other extracurricular activities - to demonstrate learning that will not show up on their high school transcripts. 

To earn the PMIEF Project Management Fundamentals badge, students must pass a knowledge test of basic project management concepts, such as those found in Project Management Skills for Life®, available in the Resources Library.  This test is hosted by NOCTI, the largest provider of industry-based credentials and partner industry certifications for career and technical education (CTE) programs across the United States.  This provides an added benefit for teachers who would like evidence of student results, since NOCTI is able to provide rich testing data. 

With the global demand for project management skills across many industries, earning the Project Management Fundamentals digital badge positions youth to have an advantage on college applications or when searching for jobs, and can serve as a stepping stone to further training in project management.  It can also introduce students to project management as a profession, at an age when many students are beginning to make decisions about their career paths.   

If you are teaching project management to youth in a formal classroom setting, or through an out of school activity and would be interested in having your class or group earn the PMIEF Project Management Fundamentals digital badge, contact Alice McDermott at