PMIEF Embraces Opportunity for Recognition and Sharing in Rome, Italy


17 May 2017

Kendra Modzelewski

Written by Kendra Modzelewski

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PMIEF Kiosk at the PMI® Leadership Institute Meeting

Representatives from the PMIEF staff, Board of Directors and PMI Founder Jim Snyder convene at the PMIEF kiosk during the PMI® Leadership Institute Meeting. Chapter leaders from around the world built awareness of PMIEF and shared their stories of global impact at the event.

PMIEF Staff, Board of Directors, and volunteers convened in Rome, Italy earlier this month to share global stories of giving back and recognize Leadership Society donors as part of the PMI® EMEA Leadership Institute Meeting and PMI® Global Congress. 

During the Leadership Institute Meeting, PMIEF hosted two sessions for chapter leaders to learn from their peers about how giving back in the local communities has brought value back to the chapters themselves. Presenter Mustafa Tulu shared about the PMI Turkey Chapter’s experience teaching project management to youth and teachers in Turkey. He shared that initially, it was challenging to manage the volunteers in delivering the program. Developing a chapter volunteer manual made a huge difference: it turned the program into the “best, [most] engaging activity ever!” he shared.

In another session, PMI Chapter Leaders from the PMI Delaware Valley Chapter, the PMI Ireland Chapter, and the PMI Portugal Chapter turned their chapter programs into a series of best practices to share and inspire others. “Start small!” was one tip the panelists could all agree on, referencing their programs that started out in one classroom or nonprofit and have now reached hundreds or even thousands of individuals.

The panelists also conveyed how the chapter social good initiatives supported the goals of the chapter.  PMI Portugal Chapter PMIEF Liaison Isabelina Jorge said their chapter saw the largest volunteer numbers and participation ever, with 80% of the chapter volunteers mobilized through their social good program.  PMI Ireland Chapter PMIEF Liaison Jackie Glynn saw the professional benefits of chapter social good programs, too. The Ireland Chapter programs for youth contributed to “raise the profile of the chapter” and “promote the profession” in Ireland.

PMI Delaware Valley Chapter President Mike Palladino also spoke during the panel session and promoted the Managing Life’s Projects resource that their chapter developed for use in training nonprofit staff members and local school administrators. As a result of the presentation, chapter leaders from across the globe have expressed interest in translating the resource and using the materials locally.

In addition to educational sessions and networking at the PMI Educational Foundation kiosk, a donor recognition reception also took place during the event. Nearly fifty Leadership Society donors were invited to be recognized by the PMIEF Board as part of the program. Program highlights also included recognition of global youth programs, specifically those using the Projects from the Future Kit for Primary School, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year.

The events in Rome, Italy, were a wonderful opportunity to recognize the ability of PMI® Chapter Leaders to leverage their project management for social good® and bring together members of the PMIEF’s global community.