PMIEF and P21 Partner to Advocate Project-based Learning Curricula


17 September 2015

Topics Youth

Male youth in classroom profile. PMIEF and P21 partner to advocate project-based learning curricula

PMIEF and P21 Partner to Advocate Project-based Learning Curricula

This year, PMIEF has worked with the Partnership for 21st Century Learning (P21)  to foster more project-based learning in classrooms around the world. PMIEF has facilitated this process by awarding a grant to the P21 network with the goal of producing a toolkit of guidelines and materials for educators. The full publication, entitled “Bringing Project Management into the School Transformation Conversation” is available on P21’s website. By collaborating with PMI members serving as subject-matter experts, educators can use the toolkit to craft unique learning opportunities for their students. The toolkit acts as a resource to connect the dots and make project-based learning real for students.

The true mission behind the PMIEF/P21 partnership is to cultivate hands-on learning projects in the classroom. ConnectEd Studios’ “The Hunger Games Challenge: Avoiding the Path to Panem” is an excellent example of a learning-project in action. This project involves students working together, using their problem solving and critical analysis skills to imagine a brighter future (one less dire than that of Panem, the fictional world of The Hunger Games trilogy). By creating real-world scenarios that student’s are interested in, projects such as “The Hunger Games Challenge”  nurture 21st century skill development.

“Bringing Project Management into the School Transformation Conversation” was designed to help educators craft similar programs to unite students around a common goal. By arming teachers with the materials necessary to facilitate the conversation at the peer, student, community and partner level, PMIEF and P21 hope to see more project-based learning in school curriculums in the future.