PMI Portugal Chapter Helps Teachers Bring PM Education to Students


08 April 2018

Published inPM Philanthropist (archived)

Group of PMI Portugal Chapter members

In last month’s issue, we shared an inspiring story about Rui Lima, a teacher from Portugal who found great success incorporating project-based learning into his curriculum. But we missed an opportunity to recognize the PMI Portugal Chapter, and the social responsibility program PMI PE ( PMI Portugal nas Escolas) who brought awareness of PM and resources to Rui and his fellow teachers, and have provided mentorship along the way.
Indeed, Rui Lima was first contacted by a PMI nas escolas Tutor (who was also a parent in the school), suggesting a partnership with the Portugal Chapter to bring project management to the students. Isabelina Jorge, Program Manager and Alfredo Brites, VP for Volunteers, then visited the school and presented the program.
Initial teacher training on the Projects from the Future Kit for Primary School was performed by Tutoring Director Cristina Barradas. Since the pilot year, two PMI nas escolas Tutors, Mariza Queiroz and Silvia Martins, have continued working with and coaching Rui, and all the other teachers, at the school, Colégio Monte Flor. 
PMIEF is grateful for all that the PMI Portugal Chapter does to bring project management to Portuguese schools. Besides tutoring in schools, this program has contributed with many PMIEF learning resources as the Project Management Kit for Primary School: Practice Guide for Tutors, the Projects from the Future Kit for Primary School and the Project Kids Adventures translation into Portuguese. They are currently finalizing the translation of two additional PMIEF resources into Portuguese and have been participating in national school meetings with their Secretary of State for Education, Dr. João Costa. This is a clear recognition of the impact and relevance of the program and the beginnings of an important partnership.

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