PMI Ghana Chapter Leads Community Health Event


19 November 2015

Kendra Modzelewski

Written by Kendra Modzelewski

Topics Youth

Volunteers in Ghana gather for a photo

Volunteers from the University of Ghana and the PMI Ghana Chapter teaching children hand washing principles.

In October 2015, the PMI Ghana Chapter organized an initiative to improve community health in rural Ghana. This project management for social good™ initiative led by chapter member and PMIEF Liaison Moses Allison Tetteh set out to accomplish two major goals:

  • Teach young people the importance of daily health practices.
  • Conduct health screenings for thousands of members in the surrounding, high-needs community. 

Moses reported about 60 student volunteers from the University of Ghana trained with the PMI chapter to teach children about important daily health practices. The students collaborated with district nurses from hospitals nearby and the Rotary clubs of Ghana to deliver vital health services. In line with creating projects that result in long term social benefits, the volunteers taught daily health practices designed to keep young people healthy for life.

This project was based in a rural community where basic medical facilities are hard to find. The pop up clinic screened individuals for diabetes, blood pressure issues, tuberculosis, worms, and HIV/AIDS. Condoms were distributed to assist with family planning and STI prevention. Counseling was also provided as part of the HIV/AIDS testing. Those diagnosed with any illnesses were given instruction to seek treatment at the district hospital.

Chapter volunteers set up two camps and each of them screened over one thousand community members. Volunteers also distributed items such as drinking water, medication and hand sanitizers. By conducting a project that aided this Ghanaian community seek medical treatment and stay healthy, the PMI Ghana Chapter demonstrated how solid project management can lead to greater community health.