PMI Chennai Empowers Girls Through PM Education


09 July 2018

Published inPM Philanthropist (archived)

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Group of girls learning PM skills

PMI Chennai Chapter is located, in southeast India, in the historically progressive city of Chennai. So it is not a surprise that the chapter has been on the forefront of embracing one of the important pillars of PMIEF’s purpose, to change the way children learn, live and plan for the future through knowledge and application of project management. This is a worldwide mission that knows no borders and it was so keenly embodied last January by the volunteer work of PMI Chennai Chapter in India.  

In January, Visukumar Gopal, PMIEF Liaison for the Chennai Chapter, along with other PMI’s Chennai Chapter volunteers joined Project PUTHRI, for a national first-ever interactive, one-day Career Exhibition and Conference, with the objective to educate and build confidence in young girls, which will support their efforts in seeking higher education and becoming a part of India’s emerging professional workforce. Project PUTHRI (PUTHRI means daughter in most Indian dialects) is a not-for-profit public charitable organization, working in the field of economic empowerment of women, located throughout the states of Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry. Along with PMI’s Chennai Chapter, there were dozens of booths and presentations disseminating information about educational and career path options.  

The Chennai Chapter focused on PM awareness and ran seven separate learning sessions, explaining how PM skills can be powerful tools in school, in the workplace and in life.  The chapter used presentations and materials, much of which were provided by PMIEF, and translated them into several Indian languages. 

“We had been looking for this type of forum to bring PM to the school level. And it seems as though Project PUTHRI’s gathering perfectly fit the chapter’s goals.  Originally, they thought there would be 500-750 girls from grades 8-12 attending.  But they ended up with 1,000 plus!  It was a huge success,” recalls Sriram Raghavan, PMP, CSQA, CISA and Secretary of the PMI Chennai Chapter

The PMI Chennai Chapter was so energized by the participation and enthusiasm of the event, that they are now extending their outreach to the schools that were represented at the assembly.  

Says Sriram, “All the feedback was that of the excitement instilled in the girls.  As a result of PMI Chennai Chapter’s participation, many schools have requested that we come and do PM Sessions for all their students. We’ve begun these visits and we’ve had a very well-received start.  We estimate that we have reached more than 1,300 students with PM education.  And we are continuing the process so the numbers will grow.”

With the help of PMIEF, the work of PMI Chennai Chapter has had great success in reaching students with PM knowledge, making them more effective individuals and helping India progress. 

“PMIEF has always greatly supported our chapter.  And through the students, through the schools, PMIEF can dramatically impact society and bring about change for good,” states Sriram