PMI Chapter Highlight: PMI Delaware Valley Chapter Engages Members by Giving Back


23 March 2018

Kendra Modzelewski

Written by Kendra Modzelewski

Individual working on a project

PMI Educational Foundation is proud to maintain close relationships with those PMI Global Chapters who are bringing value to their chapter members by giving back in their local communities. PMIEF supports those chapters in many ways, including by hosting a community of chapter volunteers serving in the PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaison role, and through the provision of no-cost educational resources. This month, we’re highlighting the PMI Delaware Valley Chapter for their contributions to project management for social good®.

The PMI Delaware Valley Chapter (PMI-DVC) recognized that they possessed a unique resource available to support volunteer efforts in their community, the same resource that brings their members together as a chapter: they had expertise in project management. This gave them a unique advantage in the way that they approached giving back.
Together, chapter volunteers Marie Hegarty and Jerry Pearson authored “Managing Life’s Projects”, a unique resource to deliver PM training to nonprofit organizations and youth in the community. (Credit is also given to major contributors Ramesh Arumugam, Kristi Baldwin, Marcos Beolchi de Arruda, John A. Gaffney, Carol L. Haines, Matthew D. Rusnak, Vicki Sama, Haifa Tyler, Robert Weidner, and Sandra Williams, along with executive sponsor James R. Snyder and curriculum advisor John J. Byrne, Ph.D., PMP.)  With “Managing Life’s Projects”, affectionately known as “MLP”, individuals who were not project management practitioners could still develop valuable skills and knowledge to benefit them in their daily lives and nonprofit work.

The curriculum has been successfully delivered to a variety of audiences, including Habitat for Humanity participants, Philadelphia School District administrators, area high school students, and aspiring Eagle Scouts.  

Marie Hegarty, the PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaison, has recently been elected to the Chapter’s Board of Directors, ensuring that social good programs are aligned with the chapter’s goals and that volunteer opportunities related to social good programs are shared with all of the chapter’s diverse members. PMI-DVC Chapter Volunteers can easily contact the PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaison, Marie Hegarty, to get started volunteering in these engaging, community events. 
PMI-DVC volunteers recently helped the Habitat for Humanity, Montgomery County, PA organization to incorporate project management skills into their “Almost Home” program, a financial empowerment program for families working to achieve financial and housing stability. Through the program, the family participants become informed and skilled. The PMI-DVC volunteers customized their approach for this program to specifically focus on helping the family participants to achieve a savings goal. PMI-DVC volunteers have presented this program five times over the past 18 months, with each 'Almost Home' class serving between twelve and fifteen participants. The participants of the training developed individual goals using the MLP Project Charter and a financial template.  

Another recent success story for the chapter came through an ongoing training for freshman students at Abraham Lincoln High School. Through partnership with the Philadelphia School District, the local Philadelphia Academies organization and PMIEF, students at the high school are receiving classes in project management on Fridays throughout the school year. Student participants in the course hone their PM vocabulary and tools through interactive games and exercises, and ultimately deliver a final project – a 3D model of a house. 
Congratulations to the PMI-DVC for their innovative method of engaging volunteers, bringing valuable experiences to members, and making a difference in the local community. “Managing Life’s Projects” is available for no-cost download at, along with a wealth of resources to serve social good programming goals from youth, to teachers, to nonprofit staff members. 
Is project management for social good® right for your chapter? Please contact your PMIEF Community Engagement Committee member, or e-mail, to learn more.