PM Kids Camp Delivers Fun Life Skill-focused Activities for Polish Youth


03 May 2016

Kendra Modzelewski

Written by Kendra Modzelewski

Topics Youth

Campers at the project management kids camp

PMI Poland Chapter hosts low-income and orphaned youth at Project Management Kids’ Camp. At the camp, youth learn about PM by taking part in creative, project-based learning (PBL) activities.

When project managers decide to give back to their local community, they come equipped with a valuable tool: their own project management expertise. For the past two summers, PMI Poland Chapter volunteers have delivered a Project Management Kids’ Camp (PMKC) in Warsaw, Poland.  PMKC volunteers lead creative workshops and project-based learning activities.  This creative environment nurtures work-ready skills while campers have fun interacting. The story of the PMKC is told in its entirety in a new PMIEF no-cost case study. 

The success of the program is largely related to the Poland Chapter’s approach.  They view their PMKC as an ongoing project, with planning taking place at the start of each new program.  During planning, the entire volunteer team selects a theme, schedule, and curriculum.  A smaller project team then takes over and monitors the project until a crucial period in July, when camp starts.  After each project cycle concludes, the project team conducts a “lessons learned” session to consider improvements.

The young campers, ages 8-12, use PBL to develop skills like creativity and collaboration through arts and crafts classes, field games and treasure hunting. In addition to these activities, campers also complete project management workshops where they learn basic scheduling techniques, scope planning, and communication management.  Recently, PMKC incorporated computer coding and programming for the first time.  

On the last day of camp, the kids deliver a final project related to an annual theme.  During the first two years, the final projects were game and film creation, combining many of their new skills.   Despite the early success of the PMKC, the Poland Chapter volunteers are constantly considering and implementing improvements.  Thanks to the PMI Poland Chapter’s applied PM skills, the camp improves year after year at delivering PM-knowledge to underprivileged youth.

The work of the PMI Poland Chapter illustrates how professional project managers can use their skills to give back to their local communities.  Interested in using a PMIEF no-cost resource to begin a program for social good in your community?  Visit our PMIEF Learning Resources Library section or e-mail