New Video: Magnifying the Power of one Nonprofit


27 April 2018

Published inPM Philanthropist (archived)

Magnifying the Power of Nonprofits title card

We all recognize the importance of nonprofits in our communities. They are leaders. Doers. Problem solvers. One of PMIEF’s main strategic pillars is a commitment to “help these helpers” fulfill their missions through PM training. That’s why we were so impressed by the work of PMI Southern Alberta Chapter (SAC) and their efforts to empower staff of the Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS).  

In this newly released video, you can witness how PM training and PMIEF resources transformed this organization, which was founded in 1988, to help at-risk families who were migrating into Calgary, with little preparedness, in alarming numbers. You’ll see how the PMI SAC helped CUPS streamline their processes and improve their efficiencies so they could reach and help more of this vulnerable population. With PM principles in place, CUPS not only became more effective, but the team also became newly energized. As you’ll hear one staff member report, the PM training really “lit a fire under me.”

Enjoy this four-minute presentation. It’s always inspiring to see meaningful, positive results—and the transformative power of project management for social good®.

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