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24 April 2020

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There’s a lot of conversation happening about the “now” and what life looks like due to the pandemic. However, what about the future? How will you prepare for the next steps – whatever they may be? 

If you or the kid in your life is looking for learning opportunities during this time, PMIEF is here for you with over 40 academic scholarships – helping you to continue your education to prepare you for whatever the future may hold.

Watch the video and read the testimonials from the 2019 academic award recipients about how an academic scholarship made an impact on their life. 




It is an honor to be selected as a finalist for a Project Management Institute Educational Foundation (PMIEF) Scholarship Award. PMIEF does an excellent job of inspiring and enabling youth to achieve their goals and realize their potential through project management. This award is an example of how PMIEF delivers on its vision and mission.  

Nicholas Kendall 2019 Academic Scholarship Recipient

For me, working in a pediatric research institute means that I am playing a role in finding the cure for cancer or discovering the strain that will wipe leukemia off the charts in every hospital. ... and [PMIEF] is helping me to achieve that goal. 

Holly Zink 2019 Academic Scholarship Recipient

Click here and apply today! Or pass this information along to someone who might benefit from this educational assistance.

PMIEF’s Academic Scholarships are only possible through donors like you. We thank them for their support!