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24 October 2019

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Regardless of what time zone we’re in, what language we speak or what region we represent, we can all agree ─ all social good is good. At The PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF), we’re proud to support initiatives around the world that work toward teaching project management skills to youth to help better their future and power The Project EconomyTM. As we move forward and continue to work with youth and the non-profits that serve them, we want to highlight global social good projects making a real impact in their communities.

In this quarterly series, we’ll showcase social good efforts from around the world, all working towards one common goal – to enable youth to realize their potential and transform lives through project management.

Following are a few examples of chapters making a difference in their communities and how learning project management at an early age can inspire youth to achieve their goals, making their dreams a reality.

PMI Antioquia, Colombia Chapter Partners with the City of Medellín, Colombia

The PMI Antioquia, Colombia Chapter and its team of volunteers are making an impact and contribute to its city’s transformation by working in an area that can specifically benefit its young people.

The chapter currently has a team of 18 chapter volunteers who are working with the Youth Division of the Municipality of Medellín (Secretaría de la Juventud, Alcaldía de Medellín). This division coordinates public and private community resources and efforts that support the development of the city’s youth. 

To support the Secretaria de la Juventud, Alcaldia de Medellín, the PMI Antioquia, Colombia Chapter developed customized training materials to train the Equipo Territorial, the team working directly with youth. The Equipo Territorial received 24 hours of formal training in project management skills using PMIEF's resources, including Project Management Skills for Life®Project Management Toolkit for Teachers®, and The Tower Game. The project management skills gained by the trainees will be used by the team working with kids and for training youth in project management skills. 

For more information about this collaboration and its future impact, reach out to PMIEF/PMI Antioquia, Colombia Chapter liaison, Julia Restrepo.

The PMI Northern Italy Chapter Creates Progetti in Erba 2019  

The Veneto Branch of the PMI Northern Italy Chapter (NIC) organized its annual edition of "Progetti in Erba" (Projects in Bloom), a project that aims to experiment with techniques and basic principles of project management in the classes of children ranging in age from 7 to 11. 

Over 500 children, along with their teachers and SME volunteers, developed their projects during school hours thanks to project management techniques. After five months of work, the children were rewarded during an event that involved over 1,000 people, including children, teachers, and parents. The participating classes presented their beautiful projects on stage with great enthusiasm.

To connect with the PMIEF/PMI Northern Italy Chapter liaison about this project, please email

The PMI Southwest Ohio Chapter Helps Students Prepare for Their Future with Project Management Training

In 2015, Cincinnati’s Deer Park Community School District implemented project management courses at their Career Academy to offer an opportunity for youth to learn project management as a skillset in their daily curriculum. This program was made possible by the PMI Southwest Ohio Chapter's dedicated volunteers, Transform Consulting curriculum architecture with Doug Arthur, tremendous leadership from Adam Gergen as instructor, the district’s investment, and ongoing support from the community. These efforts to create and deliver progressive coursework have yielded even more amazing results, including two recent high school graduates passing the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® exam. These high school graduates are some of the first in the world to earn this industry certification at only 18 years old and after attaining their high school diploma!

There are three courses in the progressive curriculum that target a meaningful career path opportunity at the conclusion of the courses – PM 101, PM 201, and PM 301. In PM 101 Introduction to Project Management, youth not only make project management a cornerstone of their education, they also continuously promote how project management skills for life can be used for meaningful outcomes and for social good. Next, in PM 201, Service Project course work, youth enrolled must plan and deliver projects or charitable events – volunteering at a nursing home, planning fundraisers for community events, and so forth – as part of the class requirements. The senior capstone with PM 301, CAPM Prep, offers the study curriculum and a structured approach of more than 18 weeks in exam preparation, with a supportive path to achieving certification once the student is 18 years old and has earned a diploma.  


I feel this curriculum is changing lives for the better. The more we promote project management as a life skill, the more young people understand how it's used in so many ways. It's not only for their future professions, but also in their day-to-day lives as contributing members of society regardless of demographic or economic status.

Lacey Strete, PMP®, PMI-ACP® Vice President of Outreach, PMI Southwest Ohio Chapter


To connect with the PMIEF/PMI Southwest Ohio Chapter liaison reach out to Lacey Strete.

To learn more about any of the social good projects above, be sure to visit our PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaison page for contacts. Download a copy of any of the resources mentioned above to introduce project management skills to the youth in your life today!


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