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26 March 2020

Published inPM for Social Good

Pablo Lledo playing the Tower Game with his family.

Pablo Lledo, PMI Educational Foundation Board Chair, playing the Tower Game with his family.

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, it’s estimated nearly 900 million people around the world are currently practicing social distancing and quarantined in their homes. With new guidelines in place, many people are finding themselves in a new normal and their daily routine turned upside down – especially those who are working from home with kids. The good news? PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) has free resources to help keep the kids in your life stay creatively engaged and learning. And, they’ll be learning project management skills as life skills along the way!

The Tower Game: This is one of the Educational Foundation’s favorite project management activities to do with families. Available at no-cost, the Tower Game is a fun project management exercise that can be used by youth of all ages, as well as adults. The game teaches participants to plan ahead and consider time, cost, quality and risk. Available in 17 languages, the game can be an ice-breaker, enrichment exercise, or a fun indoor game to do with family. Learn more and watch this video to see how our community members are using the resource around the world to connect and learn the basics of project management. 

Project Management Fiction Books for Youth:  From The Ultimate Treehouse Adventure to The Amazing Science Fair Project – you and your kids are going to love this adventure series from Gary M. Nelson, PMP (and father of three). As a parent and project management professional, Nelson, has written five youth fiction books that describe project management (using age appropriate language) and examples that will resonate with youth, ages 10 – 12. 

Youth Leadership Guide: It’s never too early to learn the value of collaboration and leadership. This student leadership guide – built for secondary school aged youth – defines the value of leadership skills, highlights the different styles of leadership and illustrates how leadership can be used to motivate and help resolve conflict. Download this resource today to help prepare the youth in your life for their next steps, no matter the path they choose.


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